Traffic V1.20


This Mod improve massively the ammount of vehicles and trucks in the roads generating randomly traffic jam.

Compatible with v. 1.20
Tested on promods 1.97 – poland rebuilding – rus map – mha

Author: seleselenia


6 Responses to Traffic V1.20

  1. piva says:

    This mod
    # Update 2.5 [ 09/07/2015 ]###
    # By TruckZone ###############

    not compatible with 1.20, have obsolete parameters

    • seleselenia says:

      yes i made it compatible with was an old traffic mod . in my game works now in v.1.20..anyway if you can make one similar for 1.20 i really need it. with the same ammount of traffic and cars ^^

      • piva says:

        Look at log and see many errors and warnings

        • Aditto says:

          It works fine piva, but if u think its not well enough then make a new one. Your mods are really great. You know whats best. Please make a mod of huge traffic , it’ll be awesome! đŸ™‚

          • JESAN says:

            You can edit easily the files yourself so as to have as big traffic as you want.

        • arief says:

          Piva may I ask you to make my own traffic with lower density to v1.20.1 ? I would be very grateful
          [email protected]

          im sorry my english is bad

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