Trailer House Oversize x5 money reward

This trailer mod is not mine – Original link you can find as 1st download link.

I’ve made slight changes for this mod, for my personal use, so if I break some sort of rule, delete this mod. (please without penalty)

Okay, now let’s talk what I’ve changed. It’s simple, now you’ll get x5 money for delivering this enormous house. Cuz I like challanges, but I like to get rewards for taking those challanges tho..

So if you’re like me, enjoy. Btw it works with all my exp/money mods, and that means that you can get x3 more money or even x7 more money if you use my other mods that you can find in this site.

Author is Sergi (I’m just modifying reward)

DOWNLOAD 9 MB [5x money reward]

4 thoughts on “Trailer House Oversize x5 money reward

  1. Killerjesh95

    I love the idea of an oversized trailer with 294 tonnes of weight,

    BUT when I tested it, my truck started glitching under the map and got 100% Damage!! I guess because of the massive weight.
    Does that only happens to me?
    Is there a way to fix that?

  2. vanhouten

    i think it impossible. I have own 195t trailer. In 1.22 it was without problems (Volvo FH 2012 10×4), but in 1.26 with same truck there is problem. Front wheels are going up and you cant steer.

    1. Killerjesh95

      I have tried changing the weight of some trailers myself and at 140t my truck starts jiggling and vibrating and its impossible to steer, so aprox. 90t is the max weight without problems.
      but 294t it’s impossible, maybe the mod its made for an especific truck capable of handling the weight without glitching.

  3. Fonctionne avec la version steam
    Works with steam version

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