Trailer Krone Profiliner – Bracchi Autotrasporti [1.27]

– trailer Krone Profiliner [V1.27]
– standalone
– real texture
– AI Traffic
– anim. brace
– ADV_Coupling
– Liftaxles
– tested version

This trailer can also be added in ETS2studio (but remember to add credits)
thank you

– Credits
– trailer:ETS2studio MDModding Zoso
– Zoso – Conversion and skin-Animation Brace-ADV_Coupling-Liftaxles
I am not a modder and even a skinner
and not obliged nobody download my mod



21 thoughts on “Trailer Krone Profiliner – Bracchi Autotrasporti [1.27]

  1. plinius97


    1. CiaoZ e grazie.

  2. Hello, zoso,

    I am trying to put in ETS2Studio (with your Tut), everything is OK, but in the Game (Trailerbrowser) is nothing, not this one, not the Universal.
    Only the Wielton works, but there I have a lot of Work, because I do not have a Template.
    Can you help me please ???

    1. Ciao, zoso,
      Problem resolved after some work and sweating… 🙂

      buonasera zoso

    2. Ciao, for ETS2studio I can not explain another method,
      But give you a tip: open ETS2studio and open the tutorial also watch the movements (20 or 30 seconds) stop and repeat movements in ETS2studio
      Of course using the names of your trailer, if you do all this I’m sure you will have no problems.
      In ets2studio always check that you have renamed all strings with {{InternalName}} and also in the / vehicle / trailer_eu / {{InternalName} folder
      I usually forget it.
      I think later I will upload trailer folders to be inserted directly into ETS2studio.
      Maybe you were looking for the Wielton template?

      1. Thank you, that´s what I did. Step by Step.
        Si, amici, I want to find a empty normal Template for the Wielton. 😉
        To finish a do nearly 1 and a half day and now did the first Skin of JBK-TRANS.

        I´ve working slow and with a Lot of Cappucino 🙂
        So now I have also the Profiliner in ETS2Studio. And now want to learn and so I try a lot of Trailers, first yours.

        Yes, it is a good Idea with the Folders, but you must still them install. For me it is now no more a Problem.

        I say all the time, we are never to old to learn, if we want it really. And trying, not counting only on other Peoples.

        Many Greetings

        1. The first trailers seems a little complicated
          But when you understand the procedure it’s very easy to add trailers.
          I want to remind you that you can not add all the trailers
          Only those with original ETS2studio structure (or old version blender type)
          I think that I will also update Wielton V 1.27

          I’m glad you’ve got no problems anymore, but a lot of people do not deserve anything
          He continues to complain about the tutorial because he is not understanding.
          Is the Wielton template okay? For SCS templates you do not need yours on v, 0-7-0-1 do not work
          CiaoZ good work and good night

  3. I have inserted 2 templates
    PNG and PSD + my logos level

  4. Thank you very much, zoso, the Templates are wonderful.

    The Wielton I have in my two ETS2Studio, and the Beta.
    Everything works fine. But Trailers I´m doing now only with,
    because they are now error free.
    I am still working to test everything full out. Actually I try the Rieger-Universal.
    Soon as possible I will post some Images to honor your Work.
    Our Wielton here:

    With the Template I will him make new.

    Have a nice Day

    1. Okay, nice textures, but it’s not a good idea to post pictures first.
      The trailers I uploaded (1.27) need beta templates I do not remember v. Maybe 0-7-4 … (i do not have the v.beta)
      Templates of v.0-7-0-1 do not work are different.
      Bravo JoachimK

  5. added+to+the+Studio,+works+fine.+thanks+a+lot+zoso.+if+i+use+the+Profiliner+next,+then+i+will+take+for+sure+your+version.+:)

    1. Hi Rudi, I understand very little with the + symbol
      Adding wheels is very simple
      If you have a trailer with the wheels, (standalone) you can add it directly to ETS2studio, just check the names in the definition folder.
      Another example, would you like to add wheels to SCS trailers?
      Go to the ETS2studio folder to select the trailer you are interested in
      Insert the wheel folder with the PMG files
      Also enter the wheel folder with file.def
      After you go, rename the names of the SCS wheels with the names of your wheels.
      With blendertools I still do not understand how it works, because you have to first convert the PMG files to .PIM files otherwise blender does not open them.

      But your way to convert should also convert wheels or not?
      Rudi tell you the truth, sorry but I did not understand un cazzo
      But you keep writing, I will always answer you until
      We manage to understand
      CiaoZ e buona cena

  6. why it added now + signs?

    sorry, i not did that.

  7. plinius97

    Ne aspetto altri ahah

    1. Speriamo! purtroppo sto lavorando con casciarola di PC
      quello principale non funziona più e non conviene ripararlo
      è devo recuperare un casino di mod e progetti rimasti bloccati.

  8. zoso, how i know the problem with the vanishing tires can´t be solved only to add new wheels in the files.
    there is something wrong with the LOD, and that must be fixed with Blender.
    (Loader Saints told me that)

    1. Now I understand, I asked for help if IJ’sMods
      How to create new files.LOD and he did a tutorial for blendertools
      But I can not (I do not know English) and you have to have all the correct settings first. I recommend you visit the site you will find other tutorials all very interesting, if you know English for you will be easier.
      If you need I am available, but I can do little.
      Buona notte Rudi

  9. i will have a look, thanks. but to start with Blender, it will take weeks for me till i understand something. :lol

  10. plinius97

    Se vedi sul forum quello italiano ci sono dei rimorchi italiani che purtroppo non vogliono più aggiornare, se riesci vedi cosa si può fare!

  11. Si lo so ma non è possibile usare le testure di altri autori
    e poi molti rimorchi sono troppo vecchi.
    poi sul forum Ita sono molto severi.

  12. plinius97

    Sono una rottura ahah, se si riesce a farli da capo è meglio, magari se ti serve una mano io sono disponibile devo solamente imparare ahah

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