Trailer Mod Pack v 4.1

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This mod adds something about 70 stand alone trailers and cargo and a lot of new skins. After add mod scroll time in the game to new trailers appears. Mod should work with other mods on the trailer, but does not guarantee it.
Mod tested and working on v1.27

Changes in v4.1
– Improved mod for 1.27 patch
– Added new cargo to Fliegl trailer
*) Helicopter
– Changed wheels in oversize trailers
– Liftable axle in almost all trailers
– Improved mod for French DLC (cargo files)
– Changes skins in Schwarzmuller DLC trailers
– Fixed errors and warnings, and few other changes


DOWNLOAD 160 MB [Uploadfiles]
DOWNLOAD 160 MB [Sharemods]

5 thoughts on “Trailer Mod Pack v 4.1

  1. THe_J0KeR

    Thank you, excellent work

  2. yeah, one of the best packs out there. That heli looks questionable tho

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  4. Coming For 1.30???

  5. The Mad Trucker


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