Trailer Ownership: Create your own Skin

You can use this kit to create your own skin for your own trailer that you can drive with.

Supported game versions:

If you find any buggs please report them in the comments and if you need any help feel free to contact me on discord:NLLittleTear?#4129


Please DO NOT re-upload this file to another site. If you do please contact me first for permission.



28 thoughts on “Trailer Ownership: Create your own Skin

  1. Fonctionne pas, je le vois pas le skin

    1. Ce n’est pas un skin ,c’est un kit permettant de changer un skin du jeu. En aucun cas l’uploader signal que c’est un skin

      1. Même en modifiant tout impossible de voir le skin.. Donc une vidéo tuto s’impose je pense parce que la je sèche.. Ou alors je me demerde comme un bleu mais j’ai toujours réussi.. Sauf la… -_-

  2. Doenst work for me 🙁

  3. No mods skin v1.32s – This fake wff

    1. NLLittleTear

      Hi there!
      This is not fake. I get messages that the skin doesn’t work. Im currently working on a fix. I hope you understand.

    2. i did. make a skin. replace the dds, and save it with dxtbmp. but it still not apear in game

      1. Which dds did you replace ?
        I don’t know how to do it, I’m not not familiar with that.

        1. i replaced all in the paintjob folder to see if it works. but not a single one showed up

        2. Stef wouters

          i’ve done the same and not working

  4. James Polkinghorne

    What do you do when this file is downloaded?

  5. I have to try to make the skin yesterday, but I can not get in the game has not texture

  6. how to know the color base of my skin, it’s his problem

  7. RainBowAlex


  8. Hi mate cant get you on discord need to ask you some questions
    can you request me on there Paul-Elite Edits#7167

  9. We did yesterday and today some Skins for our vCompany..
    SCS decided, to give for the Trailers also a new System as for the Scanias NG (which also changed).
    You must edit also all tobj Files, etc.

    I think, we have to wait for the final Patch, to know more Details. The Time, it is in Beta, we should be quiet and patience.
    One Thing is sure, we have again to learn. 🙁

  10. Salut, donc après avoir tout essayé, impossible de voir mon skin dans les paintjob.. Donc une vidéo pour expliquer comment faire serait la bienvenue. Merci quand même..

  11. Moi aussi j’ai tout essayer je sais que il y en a qui ont réussi sa serait bien qui nous explique

  12. JeTePaieDuYoga

    impossible de le telecharger quota depasser

  13. link is down

  14. JETLogistics

    To those that have downloaded it, try this –
    • Go into the “vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/scs_box” folder
    • Copy all .dds files
    •Create a new folder inside called “custom_1”
    • Paste the .dds files inside the new “custom_1” folder

    Repack and try again.

  15. NLLittleTear
  16. krizzy090

    eehm dude why is the picture so small Man why ?

    1. krizzy090

      sorry mb

  17. AnotherGermanFool

    Hi there,
    now I have downloaded the newest Version of your Mod, but what I have to do now……ETS 2 studio doesnt find any useable file, so, maybe you can give me a little tutorial….thaks in advance, oh, and, i dont know why, but I doesnt find you on Discord……

  18. I used your mod and wors perfectly. Only thing that i cant find is wehere the color file is for the front plate of the palletbox, bumper, fridge unit .. they are purple now ?

  19. JaroslavVanSturen

    Hey, I would like to make skin for my reefer trailer but I made it and its only for moving floor, how to know what .dds is 3 axle reefer? thanks a lot

  20. Are there a tutorial ? or instructions in how to use this?
    not everybody know the way to use it, so if you put some files it woudl be better and easy if you add a description, it´s a lost time…

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