Trailer Pack Aero Dynamic F1


– Tested version 1.24.x
– Standalone
– AI Traffic
– Compatible with all DLC
– Compatible with all pack trailer
– Advance coupling

* Respect the download link *

Authors: TZ_Express, MDModding, Fred_be


6 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Aero Dynamic F1

  1. Nice to see a trailer mod that does support Advance coupling. But, i hate to tell you this, but there is a HUGE bug in trailer mod. When you drive with the Red Bull trailer, the truck gets pulled down in the road lol If you dont hit T to drop trailer, then your truck will be damaged so badly..

  2. Наконец то,появилось то,что я так долго ждал.Спасибо создателю данного мода!

    1. And that means in English?

      1. He says that long waiting mod. and thank you.

  3. christophe

    a big thank you to all the pack all works very well thank you good result

    1. Hello Mr Troll. Did you even read my post(1st post on this mod.)? lol

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