Trailer Pack by Stanley

trailer-pack-2 trailer-pack-1

– Fully standalone
– Tested to version 1.25
– Compatible with all DLC packs and Trailer
– Advance clutch
– Custom wheels
– Works on the world

Any errors please report to [email protected]

Enjoy it!

Stanley, SCS software, Rommi TZ

DOWNLOAD 34 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 34 MB [Uploadfiles]

19 Responses to Trailer Pack by Stanley

  1. CroMarko says:

    only these two are in mod? Btw thanks and gj 🙂

  2. huliu says:

    Thank you for you’r job you are my love nice work !!!

  3. KurtTheShotgun says:

    Does the first wheel go up and down?

  4. Kleener says:

    Thx for the nice mods Truck and Trailer big respekt for the hard Work?

  5. Stampertje says:

    Can you upload the container chassis?

  6. JTV78 says:

    Very nice trailers good work!!!
    Many thanks

  7. Herman says:

    Would you upload the template?

  8. TruckerJacob says:

    Can you do the trailer template with it or is it not possible
    And it looks super nice from both trailers and truck
    Keep it up grtz from The Netherlands

  9. StanleyLepidlo says:


    yes next time I will add

  10. Serega79 says:

    Texture (texture_reflection) not found in material (/vehicle/trailer_eu/cargobull/materials/number.mat) – requested by (/effect/eut2/_shd/fdd33ffbefadb9c397861dd987967e56.sm3x.fso)

  11. Serega79 says:

    two trailers same ispravte please

  12. nunoazev says:

    If i use ontly standalone trailers mod, your trailer don’t appear

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