Trailer Pack Coolliner Senftor v2.0


In mod are 10 trailers Coolliner “Senator”with the skins of logistics companies. Transport various cargoes weighing 22 tons.

Fixed bugs of previous version:

– Correct display of wheel
– New brake lights and license plate light.

All trailers are standalone and do not replace anything.
Present in the orders of the Agency,traffic gallery and trailers.

Compatible with all packs trailers.
Adapted for game version 1.19 – 1.20.

Added manifest for Manager mods.

Trailer by newS-Skins by TurboBee and newS,Ventyres,Sergeev Matdom1988, correction and adaptation vovangt4


One thought on “Trailer Pack Coolliner Senftor v2.0

  1. Gary Senker

    Mind posting a mirror?

    Malwarebytes is blocking the download. It claims it is malicious.

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