Trailer Pack Wilson Mc.Curdy


Tested version 1.23.x
– AI Traffic
– Standalone
– Compatible with all pack trailer and DLC

* Respect the download link *

Credits: TZ_Express, Джо, поляки, SCS, Playtruckcool, MDModding, Fred_be


Do not forget: Trailer Pack by Fred_be V7 (+/-700 skins)

6 thoughts on “Trailer Pack Wilson Mc.Curdy

  1. and the truck has like this skin?

  2. Zoksander01

    Hi is there an template for this trailers?
    Thank you!
    King Regards!

  3. Hello,
    @Zoksander: For what trailer you would like a template?
    @Rusya: I’ll watch for trucks

  4. do i need :Trailer Pack by Fred_be V7 (+/-700 skins)??
    because they haven’t appeared in the job market yet

  5. @Andrew: No you do not need the Trailer Pack V7 for this package works.
    Sometimes you have to sleep once or twice so that the trailers appear

    1. thanks ill sleep more now and remove other trailer mods

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