TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.7.9

TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.7.8-4 TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v1.7.9-2 TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v1.7.9-1

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1. This mod not only replace a texture of selected trailers, but also expands the number of liveries available on them. Once installed, we get new unique liveries for trailers:
Krone Coolliner (38 liveries),
Krone Profiliner (51 liveries),
Schmitz S.PR Universal (18 liveries),
fuel tankers (11 liveries),
cisterns for food products (7 liveries)
cisterns for chemical products (4 liveries)
silo-trailers on bulk materials (6 liveries)
glass transporter (6 liveries)
trailer with container 20ft (9 liveries)
– all of them will be available in Euro Truck Simulator II !.
2. Adds a changes in trafic, including, in adding new cargoes visible on the road,


+ 9 liveries for trailer with container 20ft
+ 6 liveries for glass transporter
+ 10 liveries for Krone ProfiLiner

+ 4 new liveries for trailers Krone Coolliner
+ 5 new liveries for trailers Krone ProfiLiner
+ 6 new liveries for silo-trailers on bulk materials
+ 54 revised textures for curtain-sider trailers (Krone ProfiLiner) and refrigerated trailers (Krone Coolliner).

+ 7 new liveries for tanks for food products
+ 9 new liveries for trailers Krone ProfiLiner
+ 8 new liveries for trailers Krone Coolliner
+ Increasing the amount of trailers visible in road traffic

+ 18 new liveries for trailers Schmitz S.PR Universal
+ Adjustment to the official patch 1.3.0 for ETS2

+ 4 new liveries for tanks for chemical products
+ 9 new liveries for trailers Krone ProfiLiner
+ 9 new liveries for trailers Krone Coolliner
+ Minor changes in trafic, including, ia adding new cargoes visible on the road

+ 11 new liveries for the fuel tank

+ 9 new liveries for trailers Krone Coolliner


1. Unpack the archive file
2. Copy file with .scs extension into game’s mod directory
3. Run Euro Truck Simulator 2
4. Select the profile which you want to to use with this mod, and then click the Edit button.
5. On the list of active mods select as inactive the previous version of this modification (if it was used), and then select a new version as active. Click the Apply button.
6. Again, select the profile and run it. You should receive a message that saved game uses a modification that is no longer available. Accept by clicking Yes.
7. If the profile launch properly, everything goes correctly, if not try to repeat the previous steps.
8. After leaving the game, you can remove the previous version from game’s mod directory (if it was used). Previous version is no longer required.


This mod uses the models of trailers remapped by:
+ Bora:
Krone Profiliner, Krone Coolliner, Schmitz S.PR Universal
Mega trailer pack for
+ TZ Express:
Glass Transporter
AUTHOR: Vaarduar
PAINTERS: Vaarduar, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx


29 thoughts on “TRAILER PACK with Realistic Textures v.1.7.9

  1. Wonderful work! I was using the previous one too and I absolutely love it 🙂 Thanks a lot and keep going, your work is amazing!

  2. Very nice indeed 🙂 keep up the great work that you do, your awesome 🙂 have a good day

  3. David King

    Ok trailers look nice in picture however when i removed other trailer mods to use just this one on 1.3.1 and try to load even with new profile all it does is go back to profile screen. So can not be used

    1. SouthernVikin

      i get the same, if anyone gets this or knows a fix let us know please

    2. Me too:( Don’t know why…

    3. …Try and remove the old mod… save .. start again … run a short trip … save … put the new mod in…and start again…

    4. Yep having same problem. Shame cos it looks pretty decent, oh well stick to what im using it is then

  4. Georgegold

    Unfortunately, sometimes the error – game will crash immediately upon loading mod

  5. Yes, sometimes after one or two hours of playing can appear an error. This error
    shows because empty memory for game is no longer available.

    Solusion of this issue can be found here:

  6. Georgegold

    The problem is probably somewhere else – even after repair game crashes after loading

  7. Maybe problem is with other mods which you are using?
    This mod has many changes definitions files so could be not compatible with others trailer’s mod but I’ve nerer test it.

  8. Georgegold

    Tested on version 1.3.1 only this mod and loads the main screen and when you type loads and loads only game crashes

  9. @Georgegold – could you send me your game.log ?
    My email you can find at:

    1. Georgegold

      ok – posted

    1. You gave me file game.crash but I need game.log

  10. SouthernVikin

    Its completely broke my game now, even with the mod deactivated my games crashes on load and its never crashed before on me, Ive even tried the fix on the scs forums and still nothing. Please if anyone has a fix let me know as this looks like a great mod and its a shame i cant use it let alone play ets2

  11. David King

    no other trailer mods are in folder still does it so went back to my old trailer and company mod that has worked with no problems

  12. Here we have another wannebe moder collects a hole lot of skins puts them on trailers writes a big………. description, without even trying it out for himself and making sure it works at least 95-99%.I don’t know why people do that.It just makes no sense!

  13. This mod works with 100% efficiency assuming that no other conflicting mod will be used.
    It is developed from the beginning as soon as the game appeared on the market ( date of first publication: 2012-11-25 ).
    So I assume you are a new user of this game if you did not know about the existence of this mod before,
    the previous versions have already been published here. So without any difficulties you could found how this mod evolve.
    Previous versions were downloaded from 1000-2000 times from the – this is official site of mod – so it shows something, and no one at that time did not report any serious problems except in cases of conflicts with other mods. I would recommend to read:

    Firstly, most of the players mindlessly try using various mods and then they are surprised that something stops working.
    The main source of problem is always other conflicting mod. This mod is unlocked for a reason. So if there is a conflict of mods, anyone can make an appropriate adjustment if he wants to use them both.

    Secondly publication of this mod here was not authorized by me. Someone else added this mod without my knowledge.
    In readme file is written:

    ————————————————– –
    TERMS OF Redistribution:
    ————————————————– –



    Someone threw this mod here and even didn’t accept these principles because source download is different than

    1. SouthernVikin

      im sorry to say but even with only this mod selected the game still crashes so for you to say it works 100% is false

      1. same here I even tried to anew profile and no go don’t know what you did but looked like a good package till I actually tried to load it , loads no probs but then when you apply it and go back to game screen just goes back to profile which means it conflicts with game not other mods as I took them of and tired didn’t work , started new profile done same didn’t work went back to old profile took , when it did load about 10 th time it took me back auto 5 save games , if you going to mod do it properly please and stop wasting our time with half assed attempts

  14. what are the other mods a download for all trailer

  15. For everyone who have problem with this mod:

    Please put game.log here

    maybe I or other user of this mod wil be able to help

  16. .\m_manager.cpp(1226): ?alloc_mem@memory_manager_t@prism@@QAEPAXIPAVc_item_t@2@@Z: [mem] unable to get an empty memory block…

    There is deff a bug here, i only use this trailer mod pack and never had bother at all its great, but with this update there is a random crash. yes some may not have it but most do. even with a clean install and no other mods. I hope it is fixed soon but don’t pretend there is no problem, cause there is..

    1. No. This is not definition files bug but game engine error. This error appears in every large mod.

      If you run game with additional parameter: -mm_pool_size 1000 this problem will be solved.

      More details about this is here:

  17. Can we use ETS2 mods in ETS1?

  18. Where’s “Edit” button ?! please help me 😐

  19. great trailer pack!

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