Trailer Wheels Replaces SCS Spinners & Tires with Krone

trailer-wheels-1 trailer-wheels-2

– Replaces SCS Curtain Slider Trailer Wheel Spinners with Krone Crown.
– Replaces SCS Trailer Tires with Krone Easy Rider.
– Tested in ETS2 v1.26.x.
– Made with ETS2 Studio
– Please respect my work, thanks…

Mako8841, SCS Software


6 Responses to Trailer Wheels Replaces SCS Spinners & Tires with Krone

  1. LoVVered says:

    Good… but tires Krone… May be Goodyear or Michelin? I know that Krone makes tires in Turkey (yes?). So for Europe trailers with Krone tires are rarity, I think 😉
    btw it is nice !

    • Mako8841 says:

      Thanks, I didn’t know. Found a pic online, and looked good to me. Goodyear is my favorite tire anyway. Thanks a million for the tip!

    • Rossy says:

      Most Bought Chassis and trailer are indeed Michelin these days or what the Customer orders… Still Lots of container chassis in Germany are driven on the EasyTires from Krone itself … Myself in the Rental part of Krone uses Michelin ONLY !!!!

  2. Rossy says:

    Krone Tyres are called EasyRiders

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