Trailer Winter Pack 1.25

trailer-winter-pack-1 trailer-winter-pack-2

Mod was tested on v. 1.25

Trailer pack contains a total of 11 skins

Trailer standalone

Al Traffic

5 x cargo

mod is locked

skins by Georgegold and members of the FCB Group ETS 2 – 2017 / trailer by Rommi TZ


13 thoughts on “Trailer Winter Pack 1.25

  1. Georgegold
  2. 1 You can not block this trailer (this is a free trailer for all)
    2 Who gave you permission to block the trailer?
    3 because you have not added all of the original authors of the trailer?
    4 for people like you many modders have disappeared
    explain your reasons, expect an answer

    1. Georgegold

      The lockdown mode is informed by the author Rommi TZ
      authors skins are as guided by members of the FCB Group / my group / and nobody has a problem
      the site is much like open modes – who wants to has the opportunity
           greeting “peace in the world” Georgegold 🙂 🙂 🙂

    2. I am one of the autors.
      But I guess that the answer is:
      1) He can, because he don’t want to let anybody use our skins. I don’t mean for playing with them, I mean to extract or modify them.
      2) Maybe that he doesn’t need any permission to can block it? If he want he can do it…
      3) Ok… Here U R true.

      But that all is just what i know/think Let George tell our his… 😉

      1. Georgegold

        Thanks – I’d better not say 🙂
        Rather, I wonder if he would not prefer to mate Zoso dedicate something about him and what makes sense (s)
            Nice day for all George

        1. 1 I want to remind you that the TZ Express author leaves no permission to block this trailer
          2 you to create your own skins you used the trailer not locked
          3 you are free to just block your skins (not the trailer)
          4 I can unlock all all passwords and reuplod, but I will not
          5 see if you forgot some files:
          6 I’m sorry but I do not speak English

          1. Georgegold

            I did not understand the effect – in any case mod is not secured in the vault but normally locked – in any case can be opened even for trained monkey banana – I do not know what we are dealing with here!
               The only effect is that the next time you do not add any mod because I do not have the time nor the taste and mood: -¨Adios amigos

          2. And you know Rommi from TZ Express? I guess that no, cause this project is made with his permission and he is member of this group too, U think that George is as ###### that he’ll do it without his permission? Please use your brain it’s good for you and for us the same. 🙂

          3. George Gold, you’re right excuse the debate is closed
            Many say they have permits but does not it

  3. Georgegold


  4. Hello to all of you.
    permission to edit and handle the TZ packs as it deems appropriate George has fully granted.
    Should it bother modelers borrowed part, let me contact and put it right.
    Otherwise I would have this discussion considered closed. 😉

    I am sorry for my English. (Googel Translator)
    Thank you.

    Rommi TZ – Tz express modding.

  5. Ok you have given permission for me is fine.
    I hope my thinking is not wrong.
    Ciao TZ

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