Trailers and cargo pack by Jazzycat v2.9


Pack adds in game 68 new trailers, 293 new cargos, 398 traffic trailers and over 1700 skins for trailers.
New cargos added to 99 companies for TSM Map, Promod, Europe Rebuilding, MsHeavyAlex Map, Rus Map, Eastern Express.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.14.x
Compatible with all my packs.
Included english and russian versions.

For english version you must have in mod folder three files:

Version 2.9 – added 5 new trailers (Fliegl Log and Overweight Trailers, Kotte Trailer, Krampe Trailer, Krone Cool Liner Trailer), 12 new cargos, 25 new skins, adapted for patch 1.14.x (changed cargo structure).

Some of new stuff:



29 Responses to Trailers and cargo pack by Jazzycat v2.9

  1. vkavlas says:

    always the best my man jazzycat

  2. gaddar says:

    les liens fonctionne pas !

  3. sory87 says:

    work to 1.13.3 ?

  4. ACAB says:

    Thanks for the mod but doesn’t work on 1.13.x.

    No issue with the v2.8.

  5. pralk0suszarka says:

    Both versions 2.8 & 2.9 have the same bug that only the skins on the original trailers SCS, there is no cargo to carry. The AI traffic is OK.

    patch 1.14.x
    map stand,
    map stand + MHA,

    • Sarkissian says:

      Please, can you explain a bit better?
      Not sure I follow.

      Regards, Sarkissian.

      • mac says:

        he must mean feature im wondered myself, fact that some trailer cargo is only company name for example “leroy merlin” or big jumbo trailers as carry ” jumbo”…

        id like to request addition to this pack, do skin to the blank dirty yelow forklifts cargo as Toyota forklifts with apropriate marking and trademark orange-black livery

    • Human says:

      no issue an bug may have use fixing cargo mod file in previous version who use old mod and latest game version

  6. trucker rob says:

    hi can anybody help me ive upgraded from 2.8 to 2.9 and only ai have new trailers and cargo and my list is limited to a few diff trailers
    im running ets2 through steam and have the latest patch

  7. Morlock says:

    Doesn´t work on 1.13. Only original scs trailers and cargo available. Switched back to 2.7 and it´s still not working….

    • HL says:

      Update the game then..?!

      • Morlock says:

        Using TSM Map. Doesn’t work with 1.14 yet….

        • AssassinLV says:

          Swich to ProMods 🙂
          Promods is in a lot more higher quality – and they update their mod faster 🙂

  8. João Kvalatadd says:

    Jazzycat the great!

  9. Aron says:

    When i try to download it i open the file up (im useing winrar) and a pop up by winrar comes up saying “the file is currupt…..ive checked if i have downloaded it before but i havent any help is much appritiated thanks

  10. AG says:

    I’m running 1.14.x. Not working whatsoever. Crashed when I tried to open up the “view trailers” section, and when I went in-game, it removed every available job. Help?

  11. Jimbo says:

    yep somethings a miss please check files. Also had a corrupt download twice and only shows std trailers in game. obviously this is all a singular fault somewhere. thx

    • Aron says:

      Im glad it just not me i really want this pack. Ive try evrething on the internet but nothing works

  12. A Core says:

    Wow…579Mb file downloaded with a max conutry’s internet of 1.62Mb/s. if i live in Isle of Man it would be 1 minute

  13. MsHeavyAlex says:

    Jazz ,

    thank you on this package …it works perfect.

    To all of you who have problem with your game, clear first out all MODs which are not for this version 1.14.x and then try again ..if this not work, you have basicly problem in your SAVE game …and you can forget on this Profile in 80% …and start with totaly new Profile …maybe you’ll think next time that you wont just put in game every MOD which you see 😉

  14. Richard says:

    Game 1.14.x and cargopack 2.8 works perfectly with the fix (ztrailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v2.8_fix.scs), but 2.9 just doesn’t. I recommend to use 2.8 till ther will be a fix for this pack as well. 🙂

  15. Human says:

    does TSM_sContain_Pack_1.2,1.6 inluded if no then can inlude thanks

  16. pralk0suszarka says:

    It does not work with the map MHA 1.6
    Working with map TSM 5.3

    for patch 1.14

  17. MonstersCat says:

    Great work! But some cargos are in some other language. Russian I think. If you can update it to where its translated to english that would be great!

  18. KGandhi says:

    i cant find new trailers in freight market [v1.14.2] but can browse in about-> trailers..pls give soln.

  19. arno says:

    its chrasht when im going from italy to france,belgium,germany ect ect. i have my garage in Greece than works fine. i have ets2 1.14.2 on steam and the newest tsm map. how come its chrasht?

  20. package says:

    this support 1.15 or not ?

  21. Jazzycat says:

    Hi guys Thanks for all your feedback and this version doesn’t seem to work on 1.14 but the new release 3.0 should work for 1.14

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