Transfagarasan Map [1.32]

Transfagarasan Map for 1.32 version
The Transfăgărășan or DN7C is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. It has national-road ranking and is the second-highest paved road in the country after the Transalpina.
Changed some textures
Added some events

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9 Responses to Transfagarasan Map [1.32]

  1. Gabriel says:

    this map is compatible with other map?. like promods. roexdented. rusmap. etc

  2. TheDriver333221 says:

    just another fail, please stop..

    • Traian says:

      Haha, daca vrei sa stii harta asta a fost foarte apreciata de straini, de aceea am decis sa am decis sa o continui si o voi continua indeferent de ce mi-ar un gaozar ca tine. Asa ca du-te in mortii matii cu tot neamu’ tau de pula stramba ca oricum nu o sa ajungi sa faci asa ceva niciodata.

      • Florin says:

        Eu nu zic ca e fail. E o harta ok. Problema e … standalone. Adica nu se merita sa o folosesti decat daca e o extensie a jocului vanilla, sau o adaugi intr-un alt standalone, gen harta Romaniei facuta de Alex, care cred ca i-ar folosi un astfel de drum. Ia legatura cu el si poate ajungeti la un consens in privinta asta.

        • Traian says:

          Am facut-o standalone pentru ca e la scala 1:1

          • Arayas says:

            Traiane ignora criticii de arta. Vor totul perfect, gratis si daca se poate repede. Fa ce ai tu in cap si ignora-i.

  3. SlavikSD says:

    Beautiful, interesting and difficult road. Thank you very much!

  4. bogdan says:

    Trebuie vreun DLC?

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