Transfagarasan Map for v1.30

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Transfagarasan Map, 1:1 scale
Converted to 1.30
Changed mountain textures
Minor changes to the map

You need a new profile, select transfagarasan.mbd as playing module!
No DLC needed.



6 Responses to Transfagarasan Map for v1.30

  1. Kei says:

    does work it with promods, rusmap, Southern region, RK map The Great steppe???

  2. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  3. andrei pascalau says:

    hello traian…i can edit the map???

  4. zuputo says:

    Wiieder so eine scheiß Sandalone Karte
    erweiter die so das sie zu anderen passt so ist das Witzlos

  5. uelinton says:

    mto bom esse mapa

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