Tresco Def Mod v1.1

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Mod Description
“Tresco Def Mod” change economy and traffic behavior of the game.

First at all I want to say about this mod one thing, is not easy to play with him.
You may get a lot of frustrations and broken fingers, but my goal was to make the game behavior closer to reality.
As driver you need to have attention all the time, profit is not high and fuel, damages and fines, cut a lot from him.
As company owner pay attention at drivers performance and how develops their skills.

Mod have real value or close to real value as possible on:
– bank interest rate
– ferry connections price, distance and time
– fuel prices
– euro foreign exchange reference rates
– price for trucks as whole truck
– salaries for drivers

I made some changes apart from reality, because else you buy your first truck after 3 real years of playing :):
– when you have own truck the price of your delivery is 10 times bigger then normal
– bank loans, amount and credits limits are unreal
– correlation between police fine with revenue
– correlation between prices for truck parts to get a real price for whole truck closer to reality
– correlation between maintenance, insurance etc. with revenue
– correlation between other many economy parameters in game

Mod change traffic behavior, still in progress.
– traffic is changed from 30 on 30 minutes
– day time have two high traffic time periods:
– between 05:30 and 10:30, with maximum from 08:00 to 08:30
– between 15:30 and 20:30, with maximum from 18:00 to 18:30
– night time have one low traffic time periods:
– between 22:00 and 03:00, with minimum from 00:30 to 01:00
– for rest of hours traffic is average

How to use:
Mod need to be first on load order, on top of the list.

Mod Testing
Tested on alone without any others mods.
If you want to make your own test for strategies use “Fast Testing Mod” from archive

How to use “Fast Testing Mod”:
– put this mod above “Tresco Def Mod”
– change if you want, the value of experience need for level up, default is 500 xp
– move your truck outside of cities, game time run faster (1 hour outside ~ 2 hours inside, visual estimate :))
– use warp console command:
– slower speed warp (0.01-0.99)
– normal speed warp 1.00
– faster speed warp (1.01-60.00)
– you can write “warp 100000000” but you get max warp 60.00 🙂

Some advises for start:
First use your skill points for experience income (levels up faster you can)
Now depend of how fast you presume to have a truck:
– long time, use skill points first for distance
– medium time, use skill points in any combination
– short time, use skill points to get all levels for economy on fuel consumption (now games is very sensitive to fuel price, see my test values)
Take your own truck faster you can (choose your trucks wisely, trucks refund is -50% of price)
Return your loans
For feature development keep in mind:
– price for garages and upgrade: 60.000, 40.000
– price for trucks: 45.000-55.000 minim for stock offered
– price for drivers: 1.000 to hire companies and salaries start from 600 per week (~2.500 per month)

Some value from my tests are in readme_first.txt file


[03.09.2017] Tresco Def Mod v1.1

– I added ~ 250 countries and territories together with their currency.
– you can choose the country now and not the currency.
– the exchange rate is from 03.09.2017

All The Best!!!



2 thoughts on “Tresco Def Mod v1.1

  1. Sounds very interesting, will have a try at it. I’ve been using Moriarty’s economy mod for years.

    Thank you for your effort

  2. Tresco888

    I made a new version, search the site and read the latest change log.

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