Trial Volvo FH16 Dashboard for 1.19

Trial Volvo FH16 Dashboard

Trial version of Volvo FH16 dashboard display.

I think, that some information in my truck in GAME not in real life,
is not need for me.

On one display together
turbine pressure with gradient bar
air pressure
fuel tank
and on bottom – trip distance, I see on it how many kilometers I go from fuel station

other display contain unused infomation for me
addblue – it will never finished early than fuel
water temperature – my truck never boils
oil pressure – I never look on it in game
and other fuel and temperature parameters
Why cruise control speed need for me on speedometer?
Compass more interesting in game 🙂

Author: piva


5 thoughts on “Trial Volvo FH16 Dashboard for 1.19

  1. That looks pretty #### good! I will try it. BTW I guess the temp gauge will actually show correct temp, right? Cause in the game it always shows that the truck is overheating 🙁

    1. Temp gauge now at TOP row on RIGHT display.
      All parameters default. but have another places and colors

  2. Dunno man

    r.i.p. english

  3. giorgosmixalis

    It seems good but the file is changed to DDS that scs please assistance;

  4. Adrian Ganriel


    The dashboard looks good, but i am missing the gear and compass indication.
    Any idea why ?

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