Tropical Trees Mod


This mod changes the trees to a more tropical look.

Can be used in maps based in warm climates or in Europe for a change of scenery.

Trees were developed using standard SCS lighting so the may look brighter depending on the lighting mod you use.

Compatibility: 1.19, 1.18



7 thoughts on “Tropical Trees Mod

  1. it looks very artificial like plastic

    1. Apferreira Truckman

      I agree, most think it can be revised and redone in a future release because this mod is a good idea.

  2. SnoMann72

    I can say that this mod is very good. Alot better than the original trees in game. The original trees wasn’t all that great, like the ones in the mod.

  3. I love it~this is so good !

  4. 이런 개 테스트 한거 맞아 1.922 1.8.5 둘다 해봤는데 둘다 튕기잖아
    멍멍이 자슥아

  5. Apferreira Truckman

    It seems to have been very nice, very good for maps of tropical countries, good idea.

  6. Very cool mod!!! Recomended!!

    Great idea. It seems other map! XD.

    Now I realize vegetation is important too.


    could you do more types?

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