Trotters Independant Traders Combo Pack

Trotters Independant Traders (1) Trotters Independant Traders (3) Trotters Independant Traders (2)

Here we have a trailer and truck skins for Mercedes Actros, all three cabs, Trailer is standalone and appears in traffic
Based on the TV series Only Fools and Horses

Tested and working on with Scandinavia and Going East, without problems
Please respect the creator and maintain the download link.
Please DO NOT re-upload this package to others file providers.
If sharing on Forums use original download link.

Author: Shadders62


40 thoughts on “Trotters Independant Traders Combo Pack

      1. Shadders62

        original link is working again, must have been problem with sharemods

        use either link

  1. you are brilliant thanks for my truck and trailer its brilliant is it for all trucks

  2. Great mod ….. Rodney you Plonker XD

  3. Good to see Dels expanded the business since we last saw him i made a J Hawker Haulage skin for a Daf 2800 for Haulin’. (Denzils wagon from \To Hull And Back). Never occured to me to do ### PLC. Though. GREAT JOB!

  4. i gave pic of the trotters van to somebody and ask if they be able to do it the author can have the credit for making trailer but i origanly wanted this idea to take shap great job author,please author can you add me for the idea as it was at the start many thanks

  5. my origanal nick name is del boy and my company name in the game is trotters ind traders i hade from since i started playing the game

  6. Shadders62

    Thanks saw an old clip of show today and just thought it would be fun to do. Looks like Delboy might be on his way to being a millionaire. lol
    @geoff1 no its not for all trucks just Mercedes Actros, if you want a certain truck let me know and I will put the skin on it for you

    1. hishdds could you fix link for both truck and trailer combo thanks

  7. yes thanks made available for all trucks . is it for jobs as well great job brilliant stuff shadders you have done me proud this time next year we will be millionaire lol

  8. Shadders62

    I wont be releasing it for all trucks, If you wanted a certain truck a will do it for you but that’s it, and why have I done you proud?

  9. becouse i was trying for months getting the trailer and truck as you have done it its great work but at what level is the paint job, and is it on job paig as i have seen on trailer if you can can you do it for man truck and at first level for paint job thanks mate you did good job

  10. You plonker, this is brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Denzel is driving DAF CF btw ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. thanks mate ,just woundering to what level is the paint job as its not on level one and where was you in the video when picked up trailer great job

    1. Shadders62

      Paint is available at level 1, sorry thought I had set level at 1 for the Mercedes skin but its 10
      I was in Venezia I think when I took video

  12. cool great would like a company mod of same thing shame i cant buy the trail lol ive got some more ideas if intreasted great work

    1. Shadders62

      sorry cant help you with company garage mod, as since Scandinavia update the garage mods I had no longer work

  13. shadders great work and thank so much great work

  14. shadders can this be added to jazzy a1 trafic and trailer trucks and cargo by jazzy its not in job market

  15. shadders you there

    1. Shadders62

      No it cannot be added to Jazzykat mods, the trailer does appear in job market and in ai, depending on how many trailer mods you have installed this is a single trailer compared to the 100’s in Jazzykat so will not spawn as much as others, but it does appear

  16. oh ok i get it now and man truck colour does not appear in level one i gues thats later onn thanks for info shadders great job look forward to more trailers

  17. can you send the link shadders as saying no link or expired

  18. hi shadders great mod I was just wondering which actros models is the skin for as I have one of the new ones but the skin was showing up on the paint list despite me having the mod enabled

    1. Shadders62

      its for the old Actros not the new MP4 version sorry

      1. thanks for letting me know ive changed my truck and it looks great ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. i cant download the link again shadders

  20. shadders please can i have new link for both trailer and man truck as both
    want let me download

  21. link dont work

  22. shadders are you there, please send link to both trailer and man truck as both dont work thank you

  23. can author help with link probleme please where is he

  24. why is it when link dont work and people asking author to fix but doesnt listen

  25. Shadders62

    I do listen is just that I am not online 24/7
    don’t know why link is broken it is still published but here is a new link

  26. thanks shadders working again keep this time lol

  27. hi can anybody upload or updated truck and trailer for new 1.38.and how do you put trailer mods in job market or configuration section thanks

  28. Hi shadders are you still around on sit if so could you update on version 1.37 .1.38 for all truck and trailers thanks

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