Truck Radio Tuner


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Truck radio tuner for ALL truck which have own GPS navigation.
Replace truck GPS.
Have own animation and speed limit value.

Best for listen to music when driving

Author: Piva

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16 Responses to Truck Radio Tuner

  1. Diablo says:

    Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  2. deco47 says:

    Good idea, but bad that it condemns GPS

  3. Diablo says:

    Piva, and the council would do to separate navigation work normally, because now even the dlc accessory gps it shows

  4. papou says:

    The GPS has a unique file but maybe by using the function of the zoom to change.
    GPS, zoom = radio
    radio, zoom = GPS

  5. виталя says:

    бестолковый мод. я понимаю на стекле GPS работал, а на панели эквалайзер. а так он бесполезный

  6. 1203 says:

    Piva – После установки твоего мода На всех грузовиках вместо GPS висит эта анимация! Зачем разводить людей ???
    Делай,что у тебя выходит нормально,только для других грузовиков! Расширяй свой ассортимент, а не разводи людей !!!
    УДАЧИ !
    Piva – After installing your fashion on all trucks that animation hanging instead of GPS! What breed of people ???
    Do what you normally leaves only other trucks! Expanding its range, not divorce people !!!

  7. zoso says:

    Thanks Piva
    I wanted to ask, you can have interior lights (RJL) for all trucks?

  8. виталя says:

    1203 так этот мод и есть вместо gps анимация. ты че тупишь то

  9. mareems says:

    thanks piva please make it Bigger so it past in the GPS screen

  10. BordorBereLi says:

    new air and graphics mode when my brother and
    Scania truck sound ? great jobs 🙂

  11. wegger says:


  12. Dorrmi says:

    mod works with scania rjl

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