MAN TGX Game Board Computer + Present


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Dashboard have own sound, engine brake, fuel warning, cruise control speed, turbine, fuel level, air pressure.
GPS replaced by animated tuner.

Author: Piva

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10 Responses to MAN TGX Game Board Computer + Present

  1. zeeuwsetrucker says:

    i love that tuner man, can we use it in scania rjl as well?

  2. amonrada says:

    is it madster compatible?

  3. wegger says:

    Nice job!

  4. dar4eto says:

    compatible with Madster MAN’s ??????

  5. José Lauro says:

    I love your dashboard mods, so much so that even today I still use that v2.0 for Scania T longline also use because it shows almost all the data on one screen, but with the new update of the game, only the sound of leaves low air pressure warning. I would like if possible you make a dashboard for Scania T that had the sound equal to that of the MAN truck

    • piva says:

      I’ll think

      • 666 says:

        А можно сделать чтоб он отображал только в строеннон навигаторе

  6. Zeec says:

    Well done, looks great. The only thing that is disturbing is that the cruise control over 100km / h is only 2-digit. Can you improve that?

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