Truck Shop v.3 edited


BartvHam: this is an edited version of Maghetto’s Truck Shop mod for the Scania R series.
Since the original files were in Italian and I found a few things somewhat unrealistic, I edited this mod.

– I translated the descriptions, so you know what you’re doing and you know what’s what.
– Deleted the hideous Lamborghini wheels
– Deleted the skin pack
– Deleted the chromed cabs, sideskirts and chassis
– Deleted the LED driver plates

Author: Maghetto, edited by Bart van Ham


31 Responses to Truck Shop v.3 edited

  1. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Great work my friend, at last someone who understands what is overdone or not and this is what i like, just the right things on the right place!

    Keep up Your great work Bart,


    Freddy Jimmink

  2. Mak-Kyver says:

    translating should be enough!! cause theese things is otional.. if u dont need dont use, but u have choice to use! why deleting?? i understand that translation not deleting..

  3. David says:

    By the description it’s a great mod, but i’m not sure why the changes are not shown in the game, i had the first version now i replaced it with this one but it is sill everything same as in first mod.

  4. Chris says:

    I have the same problem.. I replaced the file in mod folder but in game nothing changed…

  5. Jerry P says:

    Hi,i stil have it in english eventhough ive downloaded the edited verion. 🙁

  6. jennyz says:

    Do you ask permission Bart?? I don’t care…. You did a really bad job. You’re a mod stolen…-.-

  7. Emil M says:

    It doesn’t work for me the chrome things are still there not even the translation.

  8. Greg says:

    the lights its too high and tha game start lag

    • fuzionz says:

      the game dose not lag i can put all the lights on and game settings on ultra it must be your pc

  9. Mak-Kyver says:

    hope that it dont work EVER!

    there is less than 20 words to translate! that u understand what to do..

    Then u dont have stole/destroy other persons jobs!!!!

    • Hayden says:

      Use some translator and learn to read what it says…..”BartvHam: this is an edited version of Maghetto’s Truck Shop mod for the Scania R series.” Credit is given to the proper authors.

  10. jennyz says:

    Everybody have to know that Bart is a really disgusting person. Person who takes the praise on work done by other.
    Others who have spent time, who studied to build a mod that will improve our gaming experience.
    Shame Bart. If you didn’t like the mod don’t use it or modify that only for you. Don’t destroy others work and take credits for your ridicolous fix…

    • Hayden says:

      Again, re-read the description on the Mod, credit is given to the original author.

  11. kim be says:

    dude calm down bart is a good moder i like his mods and he just changed it a little bit so its better for him and for me 2 so SHUT UP

  12. Emil M says:

    He hasn’t stolen another persons mod he only translated and removed some stuff and the original author is still credited. And please stop using google translate cause it sucks Mak-Kyver, jennyz.

    • jennyz says:

      I didn’t use google translate dude..;)
      He really ruin a fantastic mod. A mod where the modder spent many hours… I also edit some mod, but surely i will not reupload them like he did. Ridicolous…

    • Mak-Kyver says:

      emil i mean that use translator on game if u dont speak italy!! maybe then understand what words (in game) is..

  13. donna8881 says:

    I cant place the file in the mod folder?? plss help.

  14. ELRIC says:

    HAHAHHAHAHA what a LOAD of ####…

    y’all think that simply altering a few lines of text on a da,m Dii file makes someone a modder..

    HAHAHHAHA try MAKING a complete truck from the ground up THATS modding,

    this stuff is kiddy ####

  15. Benny BB says:

    could any one make something like this for MAN? 😀

  16. Emil M says:

    ELRIC, what is a mod? A modification is something that is modified or a modification which is essentially something that modifies the application which it was made for.. Which means it is a mod, look up the definition of a word next time you’re feeling like a jackass.

    • ELRIC says:

      LOL. @ Emil m . guilible twat extrodinare …

      there is ALWAYS some dumbshit such as yoursef that falls for a WIND UP..

      congratulations dickhead you got TROLLED hahahahha

      i grovel in the dirt at your GOD like modding abilities .


  17. SaabScania says:

    does mod only exist with the driver plate with leds all trucks goes??

    • SaabScania says:


      does mod only exist with the driver plate with leds for all of the trucks??

  18. Actrossowy says:

    Can you do this for MB actros ?? please

  19. nathan says:

    great mod but one problem for me which i a real shame if you have the wagon as a standard uk drive the left hand side mirror show you the same picture as your righthand one. basically there the wrong way round. ohh and the translation did not work as it wasent in english. great work tho

  20. levi says:

    hey,for some reason i cant see the lights,i mean i cant add them (on mirrors and the uper side on cabin)
    only few lights works,the lower grill one and sides.
    please answer,i really want the neon lights 🙂

  21. Bart says:

    Lower light hookups are attached to doorstep
    Cab light hookups are attached to either of the mirrors.
    Sideskirt light hookups are visible if chosen the right sideskirt.

  22. Bart van Ham says:

    Well, this is the first time I see the comments on this.

    The first thing I saw was; “Things are optional, don’t use them if you don;t want to.”

    My answer; This mod is optional too, don;t download it if you don’t want to! This edit is meant for people who a a bit more realistic taste in truck modification. It is also a lot of megabytes lighter.

    The second thing; “Use a translator.”
    So you expect me to install the original mod, start the game and keep switching between the game and a translator to find out what the names of all the lights mean? I am a patient guy, but that goes a little too far for me.

    The third thing that bothers me;
    “You stole the mod”

    No I didn’t. I asked Maghetto and he was OK with it.

    I know the internet is a very good way for kids to insult a 22 year old guy like me, but it is the most annoying thing about the whole truck game business.

    • Mak-Kyver says:

      if u really have permit, then i must say Sorry about that accusation! Thing what i dont understand is destroying.. That translate is ok like i say earlier! and that translate, i’ve never speak italy even a word, and i can play wth orig mod.. ok it take almost 10min time to translate main things on paper…And english is not my home language either..

      Sorry if i caused bad feeling!!

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