Truckers Map R37


Truckers Map R37 version for 1.7.1 – 1.8.x.x game versions

Author: goba6372


50 thoughts on “Truckers Map R37

  1. any changelogs?

    1. is this map more stable d previous 1?

  2. Work with dlc ?

  3. Subliminal

    Why do you post this #### when you know it’s not working?

  4. deathmonth

    not working????????

    1. Im sorry this map is really good the problem is when you request to the mechainc garage and you get stuck in the ramp. The truck get stuck through it

  5. Robin aka coznaar

    Uhm …
    it’s really funny to watch everybody start their rage mode and say that the mod isn’t working bcus they can’t figure out how to install and use it xD

    It’s the most simple thing to install and use xD
    I can tell all of you guys that this works totaly perfect.

  6. DarkXBlaze

    I don’t understand why Goba6372 would make a demo available to the world but will only give the full version of the map to Russians and no one else.

    1. Price of this map 1000 rub (30$)

  7. Not working for me.Version 1.7.1. New profile with the map only.Just keep crashing.

  8. Hallo.
    Ich habe sie mir gerade runtergeladen, und ausprobiert. Immer wenn ETS2 automatisch abspeichert, kommt eine Meldung, dass ETS2 nicht mehr reagiert.
    Ich hoffe, dass ihr mir weiterhelfen könnt. In der log ist kein Error!

    Google translate:
    I just downloaded my card and tried. Whenever ETS2 automatically stores, comes a message that ETS2 unresponsive.
    I hope you can help me. In the log is not an error!

    1. Ein Deutscher, sieh an ^^

  9. thank you working

  10. roadrunner

    Why dose it look like you have to drive over a GLASS bridge in the vid at around 37-38 mins into it???????

  11. Crash and Not working in pacth 1.8.x.x with new profile

  12. donkster74

    enjoy crashing every 2 minutes

  13. I’m tired do download and nothing works – many crash. I don’t download it anymore since R36 because seems fake


    이재밌는걸 왜 에서 작동안하고
    튕기는데 어떻게 된겁니까 에서 할수있도록 수정이 필요합니다

  15. eyery time fake and missing files

    send goba6372 money and then y get a working map

  16. This map never works and will never work for me. Goba: You make 1hr long video…why cant you make 5 mins video on how to install the mod…? because i am sure i did active ur map in the new profile but still dont work.

    1. faut pas insister quand on voit une carte de goba 37…faut passer son chemin c’est la merde son système. ça serait bien qu’on nous fasse plus chier avec ses cartes ici. Merci d’avance.

    2. Mod-Loller

      BUY THE MAP, and you will get support

  17. Mod was tested on and working fine but have some bugs (see my video)

    1. SilverPhonix

      so many bugs because he did it, give him money and get map without bugs

  18. Eyang Chubur

    amazing map?
    it’s huge?

  19. This map dont work with DLC.Go to ETS2 main folder and delet dlc_east and dlc_halloween

  20. No.Its a DEMO.4 city

  21. This is DEMO version, so if you want to play, pay him money then get full version.

  22. Gobba is a wanker all his maps are fake or unplayable

  23. ###### map

  24. If really want to travel (with no bugs and crashes) from EU to Russia and Belarus, you need DLC and this map: Russia Map Orient Express Project v 3.2

  25. von diesem typen sollte man nichts mehr veröffentlichen, das wird für alle user das beste sein.

  26. So I downloaded your map, but after five minutes of playing the game will crash

  27. Why are you posting some #### map mod’s what are not workin even with 1.7.1s you know that the mod is not workin and you post him anyway that’s is not ok. Can you explane.

  28. snoukkis007

    does it work with 1.7.1 and promod???

  29. este mod no me trabaja en la version 1.7.1 que debo hacer

  30. SilverPhonix

    Please dont upload if its not working, go your home and sell your map.

  31. What should the order be another modder brought into disrepute if it’s all about money should not be published such works. Since it remains rather be with the updates of SCS since this #### and it does not work. What if you set then for the fun of the game and not for financial gain.

  32. communist base, binder not working still showing off, horse dung …
    just a waste of time.

  33. this map sucks more than a whole group of Thai hookers


  34. cheesedude

    Just look at the screenshots. It must have taken so much hard earned time to design and import these models then also make the map.The map didn’t load for me, but just look at how detailed it is. So,.you ####### who expect everything from elyxir and the others, just shut up and wait for an update and do something else. Stop humiliating him.

    1. cheesedude

      Sorry guys I just realized financial made the map. By the way is epic, clean ui, quality mods etc.

      1. cheesedude

        *Goba made the map. (###### phone keyboard)

  35. cheesedude

    When I enable map,there is no option to change playing module.

  36. Jonathan Angle

    with you’re permission…i would like to upload this file to MEGA for a faster download…please email…or message me VIA Facebook to confirm my request

  37. quetedengoba

    all maps of goba are one botched job. his mother going to pay for this ####.

  38. ThEsT012hRc


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