TruckSim Map 5.3


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T R U C K S I M – M A P 5.3 for Patch 1.14.x

Changes against the previous version:
No new cities! The new cities from the SCS Patch are still not included in the map. We’re working on it.

Changelog from 14.11.2014 :
all reported Bugs are fixed
Map adjusted to Patch 1.14

We have splitted our map in six parts:
The six parts are shown in the gamelog.txt as „5.3“

Credits: (and much Thanks! to)
SCS Software for the GroundMap
50keda for the new companies Sellplan und Kaarfor
FLD/TZ for the Prefabs und Models (onyl for using in this map)
kamaz for signs
Reislord for signs
valera_t – for some Map Model
ssatan19990 for his great Map Models
Waggi74 for the pictures
2X2 for the new car licence plates
mAn_Trucker for companys
diverbaer for the ‚extreme bridge‘
Carinthian for the rebuilt of Frankfurt, Tripolis and Aalborg.
If we have someone forgotten here, please leave us a note. We will mention you in you next version.
We wish all users driving without any crumples and wrinkles!

Your TSM Team

It is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks!
It is absolutely forbidden to host this mod on any other filehosters.
It is allowed to distribute the Bundle in public.
In this way you support our Project TruckSimMap.

All Trucksim MODS from Trucksim Map Team are offered under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported Licence.
If you require further permissions you must contact us under TruckSim – Map.

NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute themodified material.
No other Download Hoster – It is only allowed to publish this work with the given Downloadlinks provided only by the TSM Team.

For Comments, Additions, Gratulations, Wishes and Suggestions you can always contact us via theforum under TruckSim – Map or sent us a mail to [email protected] Find us on facebook under

SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan19990, Waggi74, 2X2, mAn_Trucker, diverbaer, Carinthian


103 thoughts on “TruckSim Map 5.3

  1. Wait a second..If i download this map some cities from SCS patch won’t appear? ###?

    1. TruckBaecker

      Only the 3 cities: Venice, Graz, and Klagenfurt

    2. The 3 SCS cities from patch 1.11 are’n included, Venice, Graz, and Klagenfurt. On the TSM Map these cities were present before the patch, thats why you have there the TSM ones. Will be changed in later versions. Clearer?

      1. Thank you both for clearing things up

      2. shaithanee

        I suppose that keeping TSM cities would be a right choice: Usually tsm cities are much more interesting than original scs.

  2. You can not drill down to asking for the password

    1. I got it done. sorry

  3. the link wont download it gives me a fail…can you please check it out

    1. TruckBaecker

      both links works fine, try with another browser?

    2. Which link gives you a fail? I checked all, DL’s are all ok.

      1. sharemods…when the downlaod finishes i try and extract it in the ets2mod like i Always did and it gives me “operation fail”

        1. im gona use the other link,hope it works

        2. Do you have the newest Program Versions for extract? Winrar, 7zip? Enough Space on the disk?

          1. works fine with the other link…thank you for the beautiful map

  4. After i download it, it wont extract the file!

    1. Maybe try another extract-program? For me, 7zip works fine.

  5. Questionsman

    Is this compatible with going east?

    1. yeah

  6. Same problem, with Extracting.. When i try Extract, show FAIL`s.. Helps?

    1. Try 7zip, works for me.

  7. still without SCS Venice, Graz and Klagenfurt. At least its compatible with RusMap?

    1. I am currently running it with RusMap without a single issue.

    2. RusMap 1.4 is compatible

  8. please not no damage mod TSM 5.3????Thank you

  9. works on 1.13″?

    1. Get TSM 1.5.2 if you have ETS2 1.13.

    2. No, it´s made for 1.14. But you can use Map 5.2

  10. Is it compatible with any other maps? or only stand alone?

    1. AFAIK fully compatible with RusMap.

    2. Try RusMap 1.4, could work. Others maps don´t.

  11. Any problemes isues? There is problem – . Can someone help?

    1. Try 7zip, works for me.

  12. good afternoon hauliers is there maybe someone can give me a link for the daf euro6 I don’t see him standing in the showroom to buy him it says only the daf xf would like to hear from you guys up to date ets tsm map up to date gr john

    1. For new DAF you need Patch 1.14. Not a Map- problem.

  13. For those who have the problem with extracting files install 7zip.For me worked!

  14. i have problem whith the zoom out i cant see all the map

    1. You’re probably loading a mod after this one that contains the file game_data.sii, which is where zoom characteristics are listed.

      Make sure you load TSM after any mods that have this file (except in the case of RusMap, where you should load that AFTER TSM).

      1. i have only this map i delete the rus map

    2. You need the mapzoom-mod. Find it on

      1. now its ok thanks for the help

  15. Thanks for the update. no problem on my side with extracting or download.

  16. Why does it ask for a paasword for it to download

    1. It doesn’t, at least on the sharemods link.

  17. File comes up as corrupt when trying to extract with winrar. I’ve never had a problem before with these files, and winrar. So, why with this one. Do I really need to install 7zip, just for this file?

    1. No, I use winRar and extracted normally.

      Try to download through the Sharemods link instead of the other one.

  18. ExperimentalTrucker

    Even though TSM says, “These map is not compatible with other maps!
    You shouldn’t have any other map in your map directory!” this run does show (thanks to Author: [email protected] & the Rus Map v1.4 for ETS2 v1.14) that you can connect TSM v5.3 & Rus Map v1.4 together & play without a problem.

    Start: Casablanca(MA) – in the TSM part of the map
    Finish: Volokolamsk(RU) – in the Rus Map.

    Casablanca(MA) – Volokolamsk(RU) 3486km run
    Part One
    Part Two

    PS. Now if only Eastern Express v4.0 map could be connected to TSM………… possible 6000+km run maybe??

  19. my game keeps crashing whenever i try to start my truck(daf xf e6) is this cause of the map mod??

    1. Surely not a Map- Problem. Other Mods not ready for 1.14?

  20. map work onli one problem on map not jobs in all cities …after dissable map is a job in all cities back

    sorry for my bad english i’m Slovak

    1. I have the same problem. I bought a truck on credit, the work now is

  21. Marco Bornatoviski

    No new cities in this version too?
    #### man … Eastern map every new version includes new cities …

    1. Do you want the music wish?

  22. any working no damage mod, for trucksim map 5.3 ????

  23. When i try to load the game, after the first icon load,write it can’t load and it has 4reasons.

  24. downloaded it and errors are coming up,,,failed operation on everyfolder
    using winrar to open up,never had this problem with 1.13 version,please can someone sort this out

    1. oh, #### 🙂 use Total Commander. I haven’t problem with unrar. or 7zip. And make sure that File download is complete

  25. ExperimentalTrucker

    Here’s one more run started & completed with TSM v5.3 & Rus Map v1.4 combined together……

    Sirte(LY) – Tver(RU) 4518km run
    Part One
    Part Two

  26. when i activate them both the game crashes any solutions? PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. you must have v 1.14. and all will to work

  27. can’t get any jobs anywhere all the companies is gone..any solution?? please help..

  28. hello , i have the 1.14 version from steam and a profile from 1.13 with the previous tsm . So i downloaded the new one and i put the files in my previous profil . The map works properly but when i am going to buy the new daf xf , it appears as scania in the showroom and the game crashes …

  29. YOU HAVE TO USE 7z file manager to unzip it,the program also unpacks it,cos its 3.49 gigs in size.

  30. scaniav8powerrrr

    whit tis map are the lights bad the lights are real bad this problem have i if i game with this map help pleasssse?

  31. Hi
    I update my game to 1.14 and TSM 5.3 and when i want to select cargo i cant see cargos.I see only the map left and i cant see the cargo right.Any solution please!!!!!!
    Maybe because i have greek pack super market?????

  32. darwinlopez

    same here it says “Operation Failed”

  33. 5.3 spielabsturz auf der autobahn v wuppertal to duisburg vor tankstelle.

    1. wie komme ich nach brasilien?
      antwort bitte in deutsch. evtl. link hier?

    2. wie komme ich nach brasilien?
      antwort bitte in deutsch.s

  34. sat_komando

    I use it with this combination: TSM Map 5.3 + Rus Map 1.4 + Ro Map Add-On 3.7.2 + EAA 1.5.1 (Brazil map) You just have to download this In this you have Ro Map Add-On 3.7.2 + fix pack for
    Ro Map Add-ON, Rus Map 1.4 and EAA 1.5 but you have to download Rus + EAA separately It works great for me
    Good Luck for you guys. :):):)

  35. MauroDaFreak

    Hai there, MauroDaFreak here!

    TSM 5.3 MAP!

    Thanks for all the support 😀

  36. would it be possible to in the next update add some more cities in the netherlands??
    like in the east
    furthermore, love the map!

  37. james tooey

    the devil sign map pmsl

  38. keiner einen rat wegen ständigen absturz?
    bitte antwort in deutsch.

    1. RAM >4 gb + Windows 7/8 + kompatibel mod. Keine probleme 🙂

  39. Wheres the download link, I click download and then I cant fnnd it help please cheers.

  40. AmericanFlagPeterbilt

    Every 5 minutes, after I start the game, it crashes. And I have no other mods in the profile, just TSM!

  41. Hi,can you tell me how can I make my mods compatible with your map “TSM” 5.3?Many people tell me it!Help me please

    1. sat_komando

      Its compatible my friend I am playing it now with your map
      (SerpentineRoad &House & LongWaySmall v2.0) I just added 7 “z” to TSM files and added 5 “z” on your map and I was lucky to fix it!!! I am using your map with TSM, Rus Map, Ro Map Add-On, and it working very fine. Congratulations for the great map you maded 🙂

  42. the road is block when you get onto the motorway leaving odeanse can you fix it thanks

  43. anyone help me? i click and after i go to a page and can t download it why?

  44. Is it compatible with promods ?

    1. james tooey

      no not compatible with pro-mods and never will be pro-mods words not mine

  45. the link does not work…

  46. the link doesnt work anywhere dude! pls fix

  47. If you drive SCANIA T or US truck in ITALY the toll ports don’t work when you come on land and drive and come to first toll port.

    Does any some also have this?

    1. Yes I too have this problem … I usually drive a Scania T, but I had to change to an R because I block on tolls in Italy and in France too! What a pity …

  48. IRiS(Japan)

    Is it possible to add a delivery to the airport in future versions?
    Because we want to the icon only airport meaningful even a little.

  49. Hi. Im using this mod and it seems to be a problem.I can’t see the bottom of the map.The cities situated there if i press M to see the all map i can’t pull the map with the mouse.I can’t see my truck there only in the GPS(right corner) when i drive.

  50. Hi, im using this mod and it seems to have a problem with it.I can’t see the bottom of the map the country from there, i iven can’t pull the map with the mouse to see it only when i drive i can see itin the GPS (right corner).A solve?

  51. DimitriTech

    It seems to be working on 1.15.03 beta as well, but crashes at certain destinations where there are undiscovered shops, but they don’t look like normal shops. Anyways, whenever I get close to them the game crashes. For example, the shop right after you get off the ferry at Igoumenitsa, passing through Dubrovnik, and the north undiscovered shop in Bordeaux. I’m sure there are more but I haven’t been able to discover the whole map, also because some places I can’t get to since you have to pass some of these undiscovered shops.

  52. DimitriTech

    Sorry, I forgot to specify that the crashing also happened on 1.14 as well as the 1.15 beta.

  53. tuhkustuhke

    crashed in italy near many gas stations and at the country road south of valladolid

  54. Nuno Nunes

    No damage mod is a not working 🙁

  55. truckerman

    this needs to be updated for ver 1.15 but on 1.14 there was problem in italy region which auto cut me off back to pc desktop screen,hope it gets sorted for new version

  56. Bigg Maan

    Game crashes on the way to Nürnberg i dont know why. Fix please

  57. it crashes on 1.15 in Lyon 🙁

  58. Klaas Woortman

    Sorry for any mistakes in my english.
    I work for a while with this beautiful map, together with Russia, and so far perfect. Unfortunately work Promods Scandinavia folder not associated with this folder. Now comes in March a Scandinavia map of ETS for ETS2.
    Will there be an adjustment for the Simweld Trucksim 5.3 for this edition of ETS

  59. Do i replace the old tsm version mods with this one? or do i enable both?

  60. Crashes anyhere on the map, even in non tsm cities, when approaching an upgrade shop

  61. good map

  62. I can’t download this mod.

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