JPM for TSM Map 5.3


This mod is compatible with patch 1.14.x. It contains

real company-names:
– all trailers with skins of original brands
– Mercedes-truck with real name and logo (Credits to Fares Djebar)

– Dozens of additional accessories, motors, and gearboxes for all trucks
– extra engines for the new DAF Euro 6
– all parts are accessible from start of the game

improved Traffic:
– additional 3-axis trucks in traffic
– some cars have topspeed above 200 km/h for german highways
– lights of the AI became brighter
– increased traffic

changes in Economy:
– bank loan up to 500.000 € with longer durations
– changes in police-fines

.. and lots of minor changes to give you more pleasure with this game

Have Fun!

It is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks!
It is absolutely forbidden to host this mod on any other filehosters.
It is allowed to distribute the Bundle in public.



9 thoughts on “JPM for TSM Map 5.3

  1. What is JPM?

    1. Just Play Mod (JPM)

  2. I dont know what is jpm my friend melios but it remove my sounds from my Scania I test it when I enable it sound mod does not works when I disable it all was ok so gtfo Creator

    1. James Bakker

      JPM = Just Play Mode, easier for start witj, cheaper and easily modification possible.
      Lower fines, more XP ?
      More Arcade than Simulator 🙂

  3. Danke!!!!!! TSM – Team.

  4. Mode is full of errors, fix it

  5. Pleas make sweden and norway Habby chrismas from denmark

  6. I cant play game anymore without that mod. Why???

  7. for (TSM-Team) author I wish ask can I use and add truck engines in bonus engine mod

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