TruckSim Map v 4.7.1


Changelog since Map 4.7:
– All known Bugs fixed

Authors: SCS Software, 50keda, FLD/TZ, kamaz, Reislord, valera_t, satan1990, Königszapfen, 2X2


76 thoughts on “TruckSim Map v 4.7.1

  1. do i have to start a new game??

      1. ruben godoy

        sirbe en la vercion 1.10.1?

    1. Links are broken please repost other that work! 🙁

  2. I downloaded this from truck sim website few days ago. not all bugs are fixed yet(multiple junction near osnabruck still makes the game crash) but slight increase in file size means some improvement. the files are named just like before though. try mapzoom.scs from truck sim to have all the big map in sight.
    besides: No bro,You don’t have to!

    1. thx i try it out 😀

      1. Works great!

    2. I have Version 4.7.2 and found also some Bugs.
      – Bochum = Whole, the Maps ends directly (Truck fly)
      – Skoda at CZ the same, cannot find unload-Place, when found it, the same as at Bochum. Truck goes in empty Space.
      Otherwise it`s a very good Map. Thank you.

  3. There is no better map than TSM!

    By the way, the picture above is from my gallery, screenshot taken on a trip from Tangier to Biskra, somewhere in the dessert of Algeria 🙂

    1. I tried this but textures where going crazy.

      With promods 1.52 alot of people had the same texture problem, but they fixed it in the 1.6 version which is compatable with 1.9x

      TSM didnt fix the problem.

      So for me pro mods is the best, oh yeah, and the hungary map.

      I’m reeeeaaly waiting for that one to be updated to 1.9x

      1. volvo4life

        I prefer promods 1.62 over TSM. The two best map mods for ets2 are promods and Hungary map. Anyone knows when Hungary version for 1.9 will come?

        1. TSM2 is way better then promods. More professionally done and fewer bugs.

      2. Well, maybe this is a matter of taste… Live and let live… 😉

  4. I have just been on tsm site and this map fix is not on the web page and 3 hours download time I don’t think so

    1. The fix is there, i see it right now in front of me. 🙂
      There are two links, one for download the whole map and a second, where you only download the (fixed) TSM_Map_4_7_map.scs

      Your choice. 🙂

    2. Sarkissian

      How the hell do you have to download 3 hours for a 511Mb file?

      1. James Bakker

        If you scroll down the page ,you will see sharemods download site.

        Direct Download :

        Takes about 20 minutes 🙂

  5. That’s what it said when I tried the download using the free download 3 hours for download only going by what it said

  6. Its ok lads I now got it thanks

  7. Is this 1.8xx compatible? 4.7 was not…

    1. Already found it on the TSM-site: it doesn’t like 1.8xx…

  8. and MEGA??

  9. 4.7 & 4.7.1 are only usable witch patch 1.9.xx. You see it in BIG RED letters on the TSM- Site…

  10. Anonymous one

    SCS, please, port Hungary map (from previous ets2 version) and Indonesia map (from ukts) to ets2 1.9.
    These maps are almost real, very detailed.
    And, please, find a way to integrate maps having different scales.
    Thank you very much, regards.

  11. Anonymous one

    SCS, if you provide a standard method to integrate maps, you will be able to release a World Truck Simulator.
    You have fans around the world, I think lots of maps would start to appear, and an integrated world map would be fantatic.
    Thank you and regards.

  12. Rick Howard

    How do I get to download this map pack …. the download link just takes you to another page

    1. To bitly, right? There you have two links, choose one and download.

  13. Do I have to unzip this mod?

    1. Yeah, you have to. Then you get four .scs- Files, all four in your mod- folder and activate ingame.

  14. crappy map all version

    Full ###### @ Work

    1. To ###### to use? Or whats your problem?

      1. this crappy map
        and stay tuned for the next copy and paste crappy map

        1. Thats not crappy, crappy is persons who don’t be able to download map correctly and unzip. Map is Great and changing more and more better. This kind of map making is big work and I say TSM team to Keep Good Work Continue

  15. Just for info: TSMap 4.7.2 is out now!

    @ PallMall: only ###### post such ###### stuff… Nobody needs such abusive sh*t! Write something constructive or shut the f**k up!!!

    1. and the next crappy ####

    2. Lattenjupp

      hmmmm…only ###### post such ###### stuff…

      ..and only a little fanboy post a constuctive,epic phrase like:

      There is no better map than TSM! ???

      Each to his own. *g*

    3. krankes TSM Kind und geistig unterbemittelt

  16. what is this #### every time i download this map i get 0 file scs what should i do ?

    1. Try another link?

    2. Or: You get a 7z- File? You have to extract it. Then you got four .scs- files. All four in your mod-folder and activate ingame. Thats it.


      2. I extracted but still continued corrupted.

  17. Pretty dam good again! few minor bugs in southern france but easily worked around 🙂 keep it up

  18. Promods is better here are to many bugs

  19. GenericName

    Heeeeere we go again… The fanboys of TSM and Promods… Everyone has a different taste! Live and let live!

  20. PischePische

    Why the game crash when it does autosave? Not all the time.. Pls give me an answer.

  21. Good job TSM team !! I’m a little problem with scale of Map of world !! I can’t see the map on Totality !!
    I can’t move the mouse to see all the bottom of the map (all the South..) Is anyone know what is it ?

    1. remingtonh

      you have a mod conflict. try making sure TSM is the last mod (add zzz to the beginning of the file names.)

  22. merci pour lavoir mi en 1.9.22

  23. dear Mabou;
    I told that mapzoom.scs would be the time read other posts & you may find your answer.

    1. Thank you very much Alireza !! I put this file mapzoom.scs and the bug is corrected !! Now I can move the mouse and see ALL the map.

  24. why the scs files. appear with 0 bytes, what’s happened?

  25. karte ist sehr gut jungs klasse aber bei udine crash osanbrück crash da schmeisst er mich komplett raus gruss popy

  26. are there NEW CITYES in this map

  27. are there new citys in poland or in slovakia or in

  28. cannot get it to work

  29. nur eine kleine info auf dem tsm server gibt es die tsm map 4.7.2 da sind viele bugs behoben worden

  30. 2play4fun007
  31. When unzipped the map here, and he says that the error is in a format not known. compact essda right ####! compact rar, 7z not

  32. Trucker Melli

    halbe stunde gefahren wieder spiel crash ! fahre wieder pro mods…….

  33. I am play the 4.5.9 version and its ok.
    When i put the 4.7.1 version i cant see to the map africa and greece. Why ?

  34. Mod-Loller

    how ###### is this? scs should convert maps… ROFL

  35. Hi All,

    Great job on this update… mapzoom works perfectly. I’m running v1.9.22s and it’s perfect, but no I have a conflict with no_damage2.scs. When mapzoom is enabled, no_damage2 won’t work and when no_damage2.scs is enabled, mapzoom won’t work…
    Does anyone know of a fix to this? I’ve tried modding both but no success, I’m not good at modding period.
    I love this game and it’s frustrating me that I can’t see where my job route is taking me.
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Don’t download this piece of ####! The map is full of texture bugs and crashes every time at Genova (no other mods added)!!! I’m going to use Promods instead of this nonfunctional ####

  37. Why i cant see Africa. Help please!!!!

  38. krumpetzki

    problem I downloaded tsm_map_4_7_2.7z and the zip file is password protected any help would be much appreciated

  39. Not working i have 7z and winrar i extract the files they are in my mod folder but not in my profile in game? What is wrong its worked perfect before with tsm 4.6x but is not working with the mew patch.

  40. Can you make tsm map for patch 1.10 x ? Thnx

  41. Mod works not properly. I change driver salary from 10 to 3 in folder ” def” ang nofing are changing in the game

  42. hi guys, just wondering if this particular version is compatible v1.10.1.12s? Tried this on and it crashes. Thz in advance…

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