True Lighs AI & Environment v 5.6

True-Lighs-AI-&-Environment-v-5.6-1 True-Lighs-AI-&-Environment-v-5.6-2

Changed the lightflares to better work with the night HDR, increased the bloom and reflection of bright surfaces, slight tweak to the beacon

Author: Alteregos


5 thoughts on “True Lighs AI & Environment v 5.6

  1. Tribaltech

    compatibility with TSM 5.1.2 & ProMods 1.7.1?

    1. Yes, with both Maps 🙂
      I have in order first Mod TL 5.6 and second Real Enviroment 2.6
      Work perfect 🙂

  2. Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘acceleration_coef’ of unit ‘traffic.opalin’ (of type ‘traffic_vehicle’). warnings, please next version delete old lines in files

  3. AlterEgos

    alternative download link

  4. trailer liht not working scs truck liht working but not scs trailer :(((

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