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TSM Map version 3.5


The following countries are included: Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Greece, in Northafrica you can travel to Egypt.

Compared to the original map, 107 new cities have been added, so that you’ve got overall target locations of 180 cities now.

New unloading points by 50keda (Sellplan, Kaarfor) have been added. Alternate unloading points by knoxx aren’t included yet.

For the map to become perfect, we expect you to report bugs and errors on the map. Don’t be shy! Give us all details with screenshot (best with shown minimap). Best way to do so, is to use our Bugtracker.

SCS Software for the base
Mario, Merlinita, Lkwaner, Hrvattrucker, Harry_P., for their mapping works
50keda for the unloading points of Sellplan and Kaarfor
kamaz for boards

*** IMPORTANT *** It is not necessary to begin a new game / profile, not even after patching from 1.3.1 to 1.4.X.

Patch 1.4.X is required

Support will only be provided when the complete game.log file is given!

It is only allowed to supply this mod via the given downloadlinks!
It is absolutely forbidden to host this mod on any other filehosters.


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198 Responses to TSM Map version 3.5

  1. Tasos says:

    I want to change a ferry line but it says that the map must be rebuilt.What does that mean?I want to add a line from Genova to Barcelona,I add the line correctly in the .sii file at def folder in the mod,but when i try to start game it crashes.Any suggestions?

  2. Skipper says:

    make north Africa more realistic please !! it’s not all sand you know that? !! and in Morocco there’s no sand at all except in Great Sahara, which is not included in the map , ther’s no sand between Rabat and Casablanca so do some research , ( hint : google maps )

  3. Patrick says:

    kann mir jemand den mod schicken das die Actros schaltung so klack macht ???

  4. human says:

    Why in desret road AI traffic cars sometimes drive into my trailer.

  5. zaytsev says:

    I noticed that this mod starts me off with 5 million Euro (I disabled all mods except for this). How do I start with the normal amount.

  6. TruckerGuy135 says:

    I’m a bit confused about how to install the multi part mod. Plz help me

  7. Drewey says:

    How do you scroll the world map fully? I can’t go any further because it won’t allow me to look at the whole map. Could somebody please help me?

  8. human says:

    some or one of your mod cant let you scroll map smaller

    • Drewey says:

      Yes, you are right. It was actually RED Expert 2’s light fix mod and the realistic weather sound mod. Everything else works fine. Thank you.

  9. igor says:

    I have same problem as Drewey.
    Any sollution?

  10. glen says:

    can somebody give me a different link

  11. Drewey says:

    I’ll create a new profile with just the map and see if it’ll work.

  12. jack says:

    i installed the map on my mod folder and the map won’t show up

  13. Peter says:

    Can you add Bulgaria to the map?


  14. Vesku-K says:

    This map is not genuine. This map is a fake. Right is not yet in the division. Check with your before you start to share anything. Genuine map can be found from that http://www.trucksim-map.com/ then when it is time to

  15. jovan says:

    what about serbia

  16. Boki says:

    happens that in some cities to block traffic light on red light

  17. Vesku-K says:

    Visit their website so even if you notice.

  18. Vesku-K says:

    Check now a good man, what you write / speak. I have not always right, but I am now. But if you want to play the map with a lot of bug. so ok

    • Michael Fase says:

      check the link if you ant, this version is an official tsm release, so you are not right about calling it fake

  19. Vesku-K says:

    Ok I am wrong. Sorry michael and everyone. Yesterday their is broblem,but now ok.

  20. Jensen35 says:

    Find the map quite well but I do not look at the world map Africa. Furthermore, when the card orders has slipped to the right and covered the truck. Anyone have an idea

  21. Vesku-K says:

    And I seem to have everything in addition to the blind, when my whole day trying to find it from the map and the only one I found that was something else.

  22. TomaSis says:

    @Vesku-K to download the map from the official site you must be registered there.
    The map is legit, Im dwmloaded from there yesterday


  23. Mamajama says:

    Could any of you guys tell me how in the hell i can download the content from those bitly.com links?

  24. TomaSis says:

    … and if you go http://www.trucksim-map.com/ you can see the communication (22-Jul-2012) what they say about the release

    • TomaSis says:

      sorry its 22-Jul-2013 🙂

      • Vesku-K says:

        @ TomaSis Yep. I was waiting for the map to Sunday and they had a problem, and the elongation out of the revenue. I tried yesterday and today to look for the map, but despite how I visited map section and registered, did not hit the right point position. Käääk. But all’s well that ends well, or something else. And now good night

  25. Mario says:

    bonjour a la team TSM , bon travail vous avez bosser dur MERCI. Ce pendent certains bugs comme la carte: d’offre de fret et du choix de la ville de départ se limite qu’au nord de Marseille(on ne peut choisir par exemple LISBONNE ou ALGER ) DOMMAGE

  26. trucker richy says:

    Sorry to sat this, but I don’t like this. I’ll wait for the Scandinavian map to be released, it looks better and will be a lot more thoroughly tested. I never liked any of the TSM maps for the simple reason on certain roads your loads get damaged badly without hitting anything and they never done anything about it, plus you cant use other company mods, so if I had to rate this I would give it a 3 out of 10 and if nobody likes that, it’s tough, it’s my own personal view.

    Trucker Richy

  27. trucker richy says:

    Also I don’t like this map because I like to keep my game as the title suggests, European. Not travelling to north Africa, since when has north Africa been a part of Europe?, and I don’t really care what comments this gets, it’s my view so deal with it

    Trucker Richy

  28. T says:

    Where did you get those wheels with hub reduction? Please answer.

  29. trucker richy says:

    Oh and to those that I know are gonna say “if you don’t like it don’t download it”, I downloaded it to see if they actually made a good map, sadly they never. And to those who will say “make 1 yourself”, yeah i’m too dam drunk to lmao…….have fun playing this map losers

    Trucker Richy

  30. infobulle971 says:

    Great mod, but I can not locate me to take the boat.

  31. David King says:

    Will not let me download from bitly even though am signed up for bitly so wtf good is the link.

    • trucker richy says:

      David King it’s a laggy, glitch filled map mate. I would not bother with it.

      Trucker Richy

  32. CHRIS says:

    This Map is Not Kompatible to V 1.4.8

    By the start of Game is crashed down ETS2.

    The Map 3.0 was very good. That was Perfect.

    Sorry guys. And now what can you do ???

  33. human says:

    CHRIS, map works good for V 1.4.8 maybe you have some other map or use old map sametime in folder or something else but map is fine and works thaths sure.
    Can someone tell me why I get old model messeges in game? Is problem there if I have old version game of profiles(1.4.7).bak folder

  34. TomaSis says:

    CHRIS, the map is working fine, you must have one mod or more that is not compatible with the map, thats why he crash, try to disable them and star again, then try enable one by one so that you can see which one is causing throuble

    This map is working great and is nice to have more countries in it then just one more and by the new standers of the game you can use more then one map aslong they dont use the same area.

    Finaly: dont like it, dont use it

    Drive safely

  35. David King says:

    Wonderful finally get the blessed file to download and get the message the file is broken on part 1. FIX THE DANG FILE so we can have working file

    • trucker richy says:

      Like I said David, it sucks big time, all versions of TSM suck cause they put too much into the map that conflict with eachother. If they made it simple it would be a better mod, but they don’t, they put all sorts of other stuff into it that they could easily separate and offer as additional downloads. 1 of the reasons I don’t, and wont support this mod,plus having north Africa in a game that is meant to be European. And I don’t care what anyone says, it sucks, so deal with it

      Trucker Richy

      • Baba says:

        you´re so right richy, they want learn.

        and the next update file online and the next
        step to get CTD…

        1st – Fix 3.5 license plate
        2nd – Adjusted file to see the worldmap completely

  36. Hamo Ali says:

    in version 2.2 there was a problem in region before Genova game was crashed
    is there in this version ?

  37. truckzy says:

    The download links provided are not working. Provide correct one.

  38. CHRIS says:

    Hmmmm I dont now why crash ETS2. Its orginal.

    I have yesterday Patched up for 1.4.1 and than later of 1.4.8 !!

    Than my first start of new TSM 3.5 and the old save.
    Its loading. Long loading.
    My starts from Duisburg to Dortmund Track.
    Now. I have starting the Truck and drive. The first or secound KM was Okay than crashed ETS2.

  39. CHRIS says:

    Sorry guys my English is no perfect. Please lets me rightig in German here.

    I hope, me can help me too. :-((

    Ich habe mein ETS2 erst auf 141 gepatcht dann auf 148.
    Ich habe die TSM Map 3.5 jetzt schon zwei mal herunter geladen.
    Entweder sind die Patches nicht Crashsicher oder die Map ist immer noch Fehlerhaft.

    Was anderes kann Ich mir nicht Vorstellen da meine erste Fahrt von Duisburg nach Dortmund war, aber nach 2km brach das Spiel zusammen.

    Ist es Überhaupt hier Pflicht in English zu schreiben?? Ich denke es gibt auch Leute bestimmt hier die die Deutsche Sprache beherrschen.

    Beta Updates habe Ich nicht gemacht, weil das nur halbe Updates sind als ein Patch.
    Nun musste ich auch feststellen das diese Airbreak auch aktiv ist und besonders bei dieser Option wenn sie aktiv ist, stürzt das Spiel ab.

    Also sollten der Patch 149 komplett absturzsicher sein, damit man nicht immer neu laden. Somit beschädigt man nämlich die Save Datei und ich muss diesen immer wieder herrausschmeißen und das Spiel von Vorne Beginnen. Ist auch keine feine Art und Lösung.

  40. CHRIS says:

    Es kann ja auch nicht sein, das zwei verschieden Homepage sagen: Ich brauche den Trailerpack und dann mal wieder nicht. Dann wird geschrieben ich brauche zum Spielen den Mod.

    Witziger weise haben alle Mods bei der TSM 3.0 funktionirt und jetzt wo Patch 141 und 148 herraus gekommen sind ist nicht mehr spielbar. Selbst wenn ich keine TSM Map 3.5 drin habe, nach dem Start des Spiels und den Start einer einzigen Level im orginalen habe ich den gleichen Effekt.

    Also Ich kann nur sagen entweder die Patches sind nicht richtig oder die Map 3.5 ist fehlerhaft.

    • Klausion says:

      Vielleicht solltest Du nicht irgendwo rummeckern, sondern Dich auf der Original-Homepage von TSM kundig machen. Dort steht klipp und klar, dass ab Patch 1.4.8 NUR die TSM-Map 3,5 funktioniert und kaum noch ein Mod unter 3.0 auch unter 3.5 verwendet werden kann.
      Übrigens können dort auch die 2 Parts der TSM 3.5 ungehindert ohne Wartezeiten runtergeladen werden.

  41. Sintra1 says:




  42. CHRIS says:

    Habe jetzt grade wieder ein neuese Spiel beginnen müssen. Fahrt ist von Duisburg nach Köln. Bei dem Jobcenter in Köln stürzt ETS2 1.4.8 mit TSM 3.5 ab.
    Das heist auch das meine Fahrt nicht beendet werden kann.

    Jetzt kann ich die Speicherung löschen und wieder neu Starten. Es ist egal wo ich hin fahren muss, entweder komme ich keine 2km vom meinen Standort weit oder kurz vor dem Ziel. Da bricht ETS2 zusammen.

  43. CHRIS says:

    Also so was habe ich in meiner ganzen Laufbahn als Hardcore Spieletester erlebt. Bisher lag ich immer Richtig. Selbst die Spiele von Microsoft werden bevor sie auf den Markt kommen, hard core mässig getestet.

    • CHRIS says:

      * Also so was habe ich in meiner ganzen Laufbahn als Hardcore Spieletester noch nicht gesehen.

      Text korregiert.

      • Genooyde says:

        Chris, check your gamelogfile. If many, many errors are logged there then the logfile will run out of memory and the game will freeze. Uncheck any pre v1.4.x ai traffic, light flare and physics mods or download current ones.

  44. Strider1007 says:

    Downloaded it and installed it. Working fine with 1.4.8… Just drove to Batna, saw some rabbits cross the road, almost hit a bicycle, and saw a UFO fly-by. (No, not drunk…)

    As mentioned before however I cannot see the entire map. Not as world-map, not when selecting freight… Moving downwards it stops in the middle of Spain, Italy… I Cannot see Africa…

    Anybody know how to fix this??

    • Strider1007 says:

      Fixed it myself… Just after I posted I read that another mod, fixing a lighting problem might be the cause, and it was. Turned of the mod and the maps work fine…

      • Truckzy says:

        Hi Strider1007, I am also facing the same problem not able to see full world map & even at the time of freight selection. Can you give me steps to fix this. Thanks.

  45. Drewey says:

    I’m replying this to “Trucker Richy.” Everybody has their own play styles. You are not the one to judge others in what play style they want to play as. Hundreds, thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands play TSM, American truck mods, American roads and so on in Euro Truck Simulator 2. We all have a different play style and we still enjoy the game as always. Stop turning down this map with your big talk, like you could do any better.

  46. TomaSis says:

    I’m playing it for almost 2 days now and havent one crash, its working perfectely a few bugs (its perfectely normal for a map with this size), and im using all my mods before install TSM, except for the company mod, I dont no how some one can say that they dont work with TSM map, when they even try it.

    Many people are doing maps, some of then making north europe, others south, the brazilians are making they own map to, so who cares if it is not just europe (and thx God is not), we all want more area o drive and have fun with the game, just europe would make the game boring afte a few days.

    Drewey, you are right, people are never satisfy with what they get, there is always some maudlin that dont appreciate what some one have done for free so that we can have more fun.

    The hits that the map have say it all

  47. Strider1007 says:

    C’mon it’s not that hard…

    You download part 1, wait an hour than download part two.
    You go to the folder where your downloads are parked, you use winrar to extract part 1 ( part two will be extracted automatically).
    You than move the csc-file to your TES2 mod-file and you start the game.
    Before continuing your game you select ‘edit’ in your profile, you check the map-mod and bingo…

    Takes one hour and five minutes, gives hours, no days or weeks of gaming-pleasure…

  48. 김성곤 says:

    TSM 3.5 first start money. € 5,000,000? ..
    The default way to European truck 2 money? ..

    (Sorry, I do not know English.)

  49. TomaSis says:

    Another change in the game with this map is: now you dont be rob from your employees, in original game the employee get the most of the money from the job, with the TSM map you get the most money from it, for ex: a job= 40.0000 … You get 36.0000 and employee 4.000 :))
    Thats more real to me

  50. R says:

    The wheels that are on the Scania on first picture. Can I get a link to them? 🙂

  51. R says:

    The wheels that are on the Scania on first picture. Link? 🙂

  52. petrix says:

    Please other download link!

  53. MURTSIZ says:

    You should make the map zoomable 😀

    • TomaSis says:

      if you have problem with zoom, looks for this mod zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_Map3.5_zoom.scs, unfortunately to download direct from the site you must be registered there, maybe some one upload here for you

      • MURTSIZ says:

        the whole world zoom works but the job map and your garage map. Are they zoomable?

        • TomaSis says:

          I dont use it coz i dont have problens with zoom but I read that people with zoom problens are using the mod, try it

  54. viniskin says:

    Hi, here is the viniskin and I wanted pedetir all, if someone has the file base.scs the ETS2 already extracted, you could send me the folder veichle (where is the trucks and trailers). I only need this folder to continue edits skins.

    note: I know the estrous aqruivo base.scs, but I do not want to spend so much memory on my computer just to make a paste.

    SEND TO MY E-MAIL: [email protected]

  55. crcn11 says:

    I’m quite impressed so far but what happened to Scotland? All the cities have been moves around. Edinburgh has been replaced by Newcastle, and Edinburgh is in the middle of no where o_o

  56. CHRIS says:

    @ Klausion

    Es steht nirgendwo das keine alten Mods verwendet werden dürfen. Dann hätte mans in der Beschreibung mit beipacken müssen.

    Und rummeckern tun nur Ziegen. Das sind einfach sachdienliche Hinweise die für den kommenden Patch oder für die TSM Map 3.xxx dienen soll.

  57. Santyago says:

    could upload the map to another page, it takes much longer to download from Uploaded…MAYBE MEDIAFIRE OR MEGA?

    • aPPLEJack says:

      You must have bad internet lol do you have dial up ? i download part2 200 MB file in 3 minutes

  58. Boki says:

    and also to block the traffic light that happens at certain toll plazas, so I fixed it must leave the game and come back to it to work properly

  59. aPPLEJack says:

    Why with the stupid upload site why not 2shared or rapidshare ? i go to download part 2 now it says sorry but one file is the limit wait an hour and you may download part 2 i love tsm but why you do this tsm team ?

  60. Baba says:

    1st – Fix 3.5 license plate
    2nd – Adjusted file to see the worldmap completely

  61. marijo says:

    is there any trailer mod for this map

  62. Baba says:

    Current version: 1.8.0

    Published: 2012-11-25
    Updated: 2013-07-14

    Author: Vaarduar
    Authors of liveries: Vaarduar, Pereira, Millsyb, Aspectxx, Mkkl

    Trailer pack with Realistic Textures

  63. TomaSis says:

    I’m not sure but I think that pack 1.8.0 as some issues with the map they say, I’m currently using Packs that I use before the TSM map and all working fine

  64. human says:

    Hy is anyone else want see in game more different car types like sport cars and so on if yoy drive A to B destination.

  65. coolez says:

    please help not much of a computer wiz but i have downloaded the map 1/2 and 2/2 put in the mod thing and nothing comes up done this three times now and my b.p is going up

    • crcn11 says:

      Have you selected the mod for use? On your log in page (where you select your profile) you need to click ‘edit’ then make sure the box is ticked for the map mod. Or maybe it isn’t compatible with an existing mod you have.

    • human says:

      You have map 2 files? When is that it must be in one big file if you extracted two parts in one 🙂

  66. TomaSis says:

    what have you done exatly?

    After download de 2 parts you must extract de scs file (just need to extract part.1 coz part.2 extract automatically) … file is 1,570GB, put the file in your mod folder, start the game, select the map and is done

  67. Evox says:

    i can’t fine job in Job center the game is crash when i’m open both type, any idea?
    i have to check every enterprise in cities to find a trailer.

  68. TomaSis says:

    if the game is crashing check your mods, one of them is crashing your game, look if you have a company mod, etc …

    • Evox says:

      after un-check TSM the job center works again this problem started with the 3.3 but i didn’t really pay attention but now every places make me crash when i’m checking the job center ( from Map or desktop menu.

  69. trucking129 says:

    hi it is a good looking map i like it but it keeps crashing on me i have no mods in it so can you please help me if you can thanks. trucking 129

  70. TomaSis says:

    try to start a new profile without any mod just the map to see what happen or maybe you must make a pool mem to ETS2.exe coz de map is very big

    • Evox says:

      OK TomaSis i’ve build a new account it’s works all fine, so it’s mean i have to leave my account with 150 drivers and i was looking to change my fleet truck getting 300 000Km ?

  71. Eric says:

    I can’t download it says you have reached the maximum number of downloads for this hour BEFORE I EVEN GO TO THE PAGE!!!!! and i have never been to the page!

  72. cgaston says:

    Is anyone else losing trailers while driving to the delivery destination? I’ll be driving along and poof… the loaded trailer has disappeared, and the it looks like I was just without a trailer??

  73. Kitarie says:

    Thanks for always superb mod!!

  74. Bogdan says:

    It crashes when I try to travel with a ferry…any solutions? I try a new profile and I have the same problem…

  75. Faarc says:

    Start money 5 million?
    Now delete…

  76. ServiusTheBear says:

    Downloads are so slow and am getting Failed Network errors with them to.

  77. Vlky says:

    I have a problem I can not scroll the map but I do not want to disturb a profile already in the game and got me some mods do not work on trucks scania please help me

  78. TomaSis says:

    if you have problens with zoom look for this mods
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_Map3.5_zoom and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_mapzoom.
    What mods from scania don’t work for you ?

  79. coolez says:

    I have tried everything this map still won’t work

  80. giannis says:

    this mod has Greece in the map??

  81. Roy says:

    Crashes constantly in Denmark for me. Either incompatible with a mod but why would it then not crash so often in other areas? Methinks there’s a bug.

  82. Woowey says:

    I won’t be playing this since I start with 5000k euro…

  83. comman says:

    Would love to get this mod but download links are so slow and ####!!!

  84. Ultimartyr says:

    Really Appreciciate your work.
    I sincerely hope that in the next release, cities in balkans, e.g. Turkey, Bosnia etc. can be added with their scenic spots of historical significance.
    Hope that Russia and China are the final targets.

  85. Keibeel says:

    Hi, my ETS2 1.4.8 will get a halt (at around 8 out of 10 probability) whenever I got to TSM 3.5 map view after going through some distances on the road, no matter where I was. After restarting ETS2, reloaded previous autosave and got back on the road, it won’t crash if I get into map view right away. Does this behaviour still relates to other mods? Or is that insufficient memory (I have 4Gb) that caused this problem? Thanks.

    • Genooyde says:

      I had that same problem after upgrading from TSM 3.0 to 3.5 and using my current profile. The game started fine, but after pressing ‘M’ it would crash. And nothing was logged in the gamelog. Everything is working fine after creating a new profile.

  86. neil says:

    i always lose trailer while traveling. i love tsm map but sometimes the trailer just get lost thats why im trying to save the every 3 minutes.. hope this problem will be solved?

  87. Azeez says:

    The economy of the map is very hard… saw some jobs having 600 plus miles but giving only 5000 euro. thats unfair… is there a way to change the economy?

  88. nexus says:

    so, i love you’re map’s but, the Download Links are Horrible, cause.. i download part 1 so now i can wait 180 minutes, next I wanna download the Zoom Fix, then I can wait 180minutes again, so the best I can do is play the Time i need to wait, 9/10 ** -1 for download link ^^

    Great thank you

  89. dbledeuce says:

    will u be bringing the oversize loads bk…… could u make some oilfield loads from drilling rigs i know they have them in these countries…. i am from the the US.. i worked int he oilfield for 22 years… would be kewl to see some big over sized loads.. but plz bring bk the other big loads the game gets boring without the big loads…. thanks .. great map u have everyone else is ingrates… bitching about a free map mod wrong people …. get a life

    • RubberStig says:

      Well said mate – I love this HUGE addition to the game. These guys have also just released an oversized and heavy trailer mod pack. I don’t know if you got your oil-related trailers tho.

  90. kuroyuli says:

    When you drive in Africa, you may suffer enormous damage without notice. The cause of the damage is rear-end collision. I found the way to avoid this.

    When you climb the steep uphill at low speed (let’s say below 50km/h), you should drive with left tires on the white line of the road and the right tires on the sand. That way, following fast cars can overtake your truck.

  91. nick says:

    can anyone tell me the step by step or a link to a tutorial on how to download this patch above as i have no idea how to. but yet i want it after watching other peoples videos its awesome.

  92. rocky says:

    how to put mods that we do

  93. big guy says:

    I Cant pass some tollgates.Please help

  94. daniel says:

    I come and install but I have a big problem is that the map is not complete I get I can do and I have version 1.4.12

  95. daniel says:

    I can help esque map only appears I get a part and I have and idea that Asher complete, it then

  96. jaime says:

    los avisos de publicidad grandes no alumbran siendo que tienes luces

  97. jaime says:

    large advertising notices not being that have lights illuminate

  98. Albert Brondijk says:


    I am just playing ETS2 and I don’t know how these MODS work. Can anyone tell me where I have to extract the files from TSM_Map_3.5.scs?

    • vic says:

      on windows 7, place it in “Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” or “c:\users\\My DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2\mod”

  99. Albert Brondijk says:

    I found out how to play the MOD. I have also found an error in the MOD. When there is a message from your drivers there is no sound played. Can you fix that?

  100. Baba says:

    this map is full of error.

  101. Scaniadriver says:

    which errors?i ride it to and no problems man

    go to their site and ask – maybe better to look at your mods if they are compatible with 1.4.12

  102. Nico says:

    How can i download it,

  103. Ultimartyr says:

    I would like to report a bug. In Gibraltar the license plate system will go down. All Truck’s license plates become black

  104. Baba says:

    why ? ugly bitmaps from the seventies

    tell me why ?

    what´s the significance?

    delete this ugly bitmaps from the seventies

  105. 2x2 says:

    Come on, brothers. For a long time ago there was version 3.6 that fixed all the bugs. it is compatible with 1.4.12

  106. FREEANZ says:

    hello there, i have a problem here. i am using TSM 3.5 with 1.4.12 patch. the problem is my hired drivers give almost 200k money. with 2 drivers in 2 days my money rise up to 600k. :O
    if it’s possible i hope you’ll help me so that the drivers i hired give me realistic amount of money 🙂
    the other mod i use was :
    [MOD-ETS2] Real Company v1.3.scs
    ETS2 141 Realistic AI Traffic Mod ver 2 by Scanreg.scs
    Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 (1.4.1+) (by KacaK).scs
    zzzzzZzzzzzKVN_Tieflader by Roadhunter modifiziert by Street.scs
    thanks for your help 😀

  107. Alex says:

    The road between Patra and the tolls to Athina is not in the least realistic. There is also a lacking of landscapes, especially in Greece and political ads could have been avioded.

  108. george says:

    does it work for 1.4.12 version?

  109. Joao says:

    Da erro ao entrar na zona da cidade do Porto em portugal

  110. Simon says:

    Theres no DL Link? o.O

  111. Destory says:

    How to download part2?? pls help

  112. Alex says:

    There’s a bug in Rome; the game crushes after a while.

  113. PredatorHunter says:


  114. Αριστοτελης says:

    i can’t download it please help :/

  115. erwin says:

    how can i download this mod. the site in the link says: There is no bundle here to sea. Or if there is, it is private.

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