Tuned AI Traffic Trucks by MAN-Kutscher

I have modified 8 trucks in traffic to make the traffic more realistic.

Tested version 1.38 & 1.39

You can share the mod, but keep the original Downloadlink!

Enjoy the mod!

base by: SCS
AI Wheels by: abasstreppas converted to the newest version by me (MAN-Kutscher)


4 thoughts on “Tuned AI Traffic Trucks by MAN-Kutscher

  1. does this work with jazzycat pack?

    1. MAN-Kutscher

      Yes, I think. Because these are only modified trucks from the original traffic. But I haven’t tested

  2. Great mods, the traffic wheel sound just perfect, and gear like the basic horns make it hyperrealistic.
    Otherwise small bug notice the rear mudguards of the Scania S 2016 its not in front of the side fairings, they are shifted and its in the driving axle!

    1. MAN-Kutscher

      Ok. Thanks for this Info.

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