Tuning Accesories for All Trucks [1.27]

This modification is a collection of many tuning
Updated to version: 1.27.x
Clean gamelog
Fixed all bugs

New in update:
Updated PMG files (Clean gamelog)

Moders Team Poland


14 thoughts on “Tuning Accesories for All Trucks [1.27]

  1. Chris1116

    GJ, i waite dlong time 4 a new version of this mod!!!

  2. MTP, thank you so much.
    I´ve been waite also long Time for this Update.

    But who is ETS2_Reload (Uploader) ?

  3. Thanks !!!!! i have wait loooooong time

  4. Thanks MPT, was expecting long time now. Hop by the 1.28 update,it will still wotk and if not the update is fast. Its one off the best tuning for my Scania.

    Kind regards

  5. Thanks!

  6. Moders Team Poland, has not existed for a long time, and therefore they can not update this mod in any way!

  7. Xander xavier

    this is a OLD mod reupload! no update you got!
    I know the mod still Compabillity with newest version ETS 2

    the real author no publish anythink on fans fage.
    don’t belive this one!!! Report them

  8. Please can you update to version 1.28

  9. Bender0187

    Very nice mod please update for 1.28!

  10. RacingFede

    Please, can you update it for 1.28?

  11. nice mod can you update it for 1.28?

  12. Nice mod can you update it for newest version 1.28 THANK YOU SO MUCH

  13. This is one off the must have mods for the last few years. Keep up the great work.

  14. Muazzuddin88

    update 1.28 pls

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