Tuning Accesories for All Trucks

Tuning-Accesories-1 Tuning-Accesories-2 Tuning-Accesories-3

This modification is a collection of many tuning
Clean gamelog
Fixed all bugs
Game version 1.22,1.23,1.24, 1.25

Author: Moders Team Poland

DOWNLOAD 43 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 43 MB [Uploadfiles]

15 thoughts on “Tuning Accesories for All Trucks

  1. Moders Team Poland last updated your events 02/11/2014 version ETS2 1.13.h

  2. pure fake

    1. Clean gamelog

  3. Asphroxia

    how did you get the steering knobs to show up? any other older tuning pack i use hides them 🙁

  4. The mod works fine with 1.24 game version this is not FAKE.

  5. My last downloaded version was
    Tuning Accesories For All Trucks v.1.24
    2016/06/23 7:49 Parts/Tuning =
    366 MB (384.823.425 Bytes)
    Compared with this ‘new’ version here it says:
    366 MB (384.733.301 Bytes)
    Apart from the difference of only some KB – what is ‘new’ or changed here?

  6. where can i find a grill addons mod

  7. Bender0187

    Doesn’t work with Scania…

  8. PLS update this mod for Scania T, R & S from RJL
    Led on grill, on this trucks dosen’t work and after activate the mod, i do not have on grill any accessories to put. 🙁

  9. Bender0187

    Update+for Mighty Griffin DLC please, i like this mod!

  10. Мод отличный, только уже не работает с обновлением Скания Грифон… …Может подправите…

  11. 1.26?

  12. Does the mod work with version 1.26?

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