Tuning for Volvo VNL 2019 ETS2 1.35.x

– Removed all possible truck errors when transferring to ETS2.
– The left mirror and almost all tuning elements work (except for the emergency lights in the center of the roof, the beacons work).
– Removed one chassis tuning (since there are problems with it in the ATS as well).

This mod adds various accessories and tuning details for Volvo VNL 2018 by Galimin & Frank Peru

Adds the following
– Bullbars
– Front chrome bottom panel (on slot b_gril (bumper) and plastic spoiler
– Air conditioning fan on the back wall of the sleeping compartment for the cabin 740
– Extended roof slots for cabs 760 and 860 cabs with or without a lightbar
– Interior lighting
– Acrylic window deflectors
– APU and steps / tool boxes / only with separate chassis
– Chrome + Black decor for the grille
– Chrome and black stripes on the sleeping bag and sun visors
– An alternative arrangement of slots in the cabin for the dashboard
– Side lights (slots, stripes in chrome and black)
– Racks behind the cab
– Beacons
– Dual exhaust pipes
– Sun visor with Volvo logo
– Side skirt “without plastic”

Tom Dooley, Adaptation for ETS2 by Alexander_1986 (v1.35.x)


6 thoughts on “Tuning for Volvo VNL 2019 ETS2 1.35.x

  1. ismail ozdemir

    is it a complete standalone truck or are we supposed to use it with the 1.34 mode???

  2. ismail ozdemir

    The mode description file says this mode is for ATS 1.35.. ###!!!!!

  3. ismail ozdemir

    Left mirror still does not work………….

  4. jimmy7kyr

    Is this mod compatible with ats too??

  5. The Left and right mirror show the self environment

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