ReD Companies Overhaul v 1.4

Welcome to the ReD Companies Overhaul Mod!
This mod replaces all original in-game companies (approximately 124, from Base game to latest Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC) with real companies. This means new job market logos, companies skins and company trailer skins. Added new loading screens, new ferry liveries and much more.

– Tested with ETS2 1.35 (DX11)
– Compatible with RusMap & Paris rebuild v2.4 (tested)
– Compatible with Promods (users feedback)
– Compatible with SCS Trailerpatch 2.2 (users feedback)

All trademarks, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

ReD Rabbit, satan19990, tamiel18


One thought on “ReD Companies Overhaul v 1.4

  1. will this mod be updated regularly?

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