Tuning krone profiliner hd 1.43

Hello everyone, here is a new mod, I have modified the pallet boxes and added slots, a double bumper, frame with axis management and other things that you will see in the video below, for the functioning of the mod you need the KRONE DLC , hope you like it! see you next time and happy new year to all.

do not reload the link thank you

sorry for the bad english

Scs, Ciak


4 thoughts on “Tuning krone profiliner hd 1.43

  1. can you do this for all krone trailers 🙂

    1. ok, slowly I do it 👍🏼

  2. Bravo, puoi scrivere anche in italiano non succede nulla,
    e anche + facile capire la nazionalità.
    Ciaoz Ciak si gira

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