Tuning mod

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Tuning mod for all Trucks

Author: Moders Team Poland


14 thoughts on “Tuning mod

  1. Thanks 😉

  2. Video please

  3. what game version please, people keep forgetting this…..

  4. Laz Mohawk

    Does it remove the roofhorn sound ? Many multimods do that !

  5. What game version??? Is it for all trucks… Both interior and exterior or?

  6. Ok for all trucks but game version?

  7. Congratulations and thx.

  8. bogdan_uk

    This is must be the old mod because I just check on official page http://moders-team-poland.jimdo.com/modyfikacje/ and don’t release any new mod.

  9. ok that is really poor description

    but Moders team poland really makes extremely good mods with good quality

  10. works on 1.9.22

  11. thanks guys this is great, a lot of new things for tuning

  12. For the version of this game mode is?? I have the ETS v1.9.22 and no tuning adjustments can not perform … not offered. Translated into English using Google

  13. The mod sort of works, but it doesn’t add the attachment points to the trucks to add the information plates, somewhat annoying.

  14. Eventually I started this mode, but it would need a larger range of engines, chassis, transmissions, cabs and other modifications. In fashion brands are just a few lights. Too bad that the ETS 2 v1.9.22 Mega Store v2 does not work, there were plenty of these things. Translated from Czech into English using Google

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