Tuning Parts for all Trucks v 2.0

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TR=Evet Arkadaşlar Tekrardan Herkeze Selamlar Bugun Eski Surumden Aktarmış Oldugum Tuning Modunu Paylaşacağım.
Ledler,Farlar,Kornalar,Paspaslar bir çoğu şey bulunabilir.
Yapımcılar=wesleytam_078,Yunus Aman
Sürüm=1.28 Test Edildi

Yes Greetings from Friends Hello Everyone Today I am going to share the tuning mode that I have been through from the old society.
Leds, Headlights, Horns, Mats can be found in many things.
Producer = wesleytam_078, Yunus Aman
Version = 1.28 Tested

wesleytam_078,Yunus Aman


2 thoughts on “Tuning Parts for all Trucks v 2.0

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.28…

  2. can someone tell me the load order for this mod because I am not getting some accessories with the 50k addons activated in the mod manager although it is higher priority or lower priority.

    Please help

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