Turbo Engine Mod V1


This is a really fixed version of my old 9999Hp Turbo Engine Mod!
This works with all trucks exept Mercedes. There are really fast engines! Tested on 1.24!



5 Responses to Turbo Engine Mod V1

  1. Ronon says:

    This is a truck simulator not nfs wy dont u kids understand it

    • DanielEts2Dan says:

      Well at least i can make a mod and you can’t. So stop complaning

      • Ronon says:

        A engine mod is not a proper mod and a drunk chiken can do engine,transmision mods

      • Ronon says:

        U have replaced 510hp engine u dont know how to add a engine to game

  2. KaterHH says:

    what have you on the head?

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