Turkey Italy Ferry Connection Map [1.30.x]

Turkey-Italy Ferry Connection Map [1.30.x]

Work with SCS DLC Italy and YKS Team EU TurkeyMap V1.4.5 for patch 1.30.1.x

This mod’s add ferry connection between:
Canakkale and Messina
Messina and Mersin.
All ports (Mersin, Canakkale, Messina) are open for both exports and imports of goods and cargo.

Set with a higher priority than all maps.

renzo428 & Deco13, YKS Team, dobr4060


3 thoughts on “Turkey Italy Ferry Connection Map [1.30.x]

  1. Samuel Beltre

    Felicidades…Muy buen trabajo.

  2. detay yok abi..turkiyeye ozgu detaylar sunun lutfen….yayalar cocuklar simitciler baklavacılar marketler tanıtın biraz lutfen

    1. isyan yok abi, isyan… bi tek benle olmaz ki.

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