TZ Chemical Trailer


Replaced tanker load of ADR Class 5 (corrosive)
Patch 1.3.1 to 1.4.8

Author: Rommi TZ


8 thoughts on “TZ Chemical Trailer

  1. 1.4.8 error 🙂

  2. trucker richy

    Rommi TZ. Nice trailer mate. Taking a load to metz using this and it works fine,no glitches. Well done

    Trucker Richy

  3. Алексей

    Великолепный трейлер.Уже скачал и пользуюсь.Заменяет грузы ADR-класса-2(Горячии химикаты).У меня версия игры 1.2.5.

  4. chatonopentelho

    mais um belo trabalho de Rommi TZ, será possivel fazer uma que se possa pintar o tanque todo ?

  5. chatonopentelho

    another beautiful work Rommi TZ will be possible to make one that can paint the entire tank?

  6. what about this?
    look in log-file:
    “Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/chemical_cistern/trailer.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance!
    00:00:45.001 : Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.
    00:00:45.001 : Obsolete flare data definition! Absolute model path is expected.”

  7. Nice job…but when I would like to use in game, it isn’t works. (1.4.12)

    Do you have some soultion?

  8. shash rage

    hey i hev this trailer in my game i see it on roads but i cnt find it in any trailer/companys plz help

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