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Ultra Realistic Physic Mod v5.3

– Whell Suspansion
– Cabin Suspansion
– Whell and Cabin Mass
– Cabin Strength
– Trailer Suspansion
– Re-Edit All Settings

** RJL Scania ve Scania T
** Volvo VNL
** Kenworth T680 and w900
** Peterbilt 579

1.24.x – 1.25.x

Author: SmhKzl




10 thoughts on “U.R Physic Mod v 5.3 – SmhKzl

  1. BordorBereLi

    Great jobs man 🙂

  2. r u going too make this mod for ATS

  3. Francesco

    to me with Scania of RJL out the black shadow under the truck and normal?

  4. Gökhan (Bursa)

    Dostum çok iyi olmuş, ellerine sağlık, yalnız bu modun mutlaka Daf XF Euro 6 (ohaha)’ya uydurulması lazım, en çok kullanılan mod çekicilerden biri, ben de dört gözle bekliyor olacağım. Emeğine sağlık, kolay gelsin.

  5. crash when visit scania concessionary 🙁
    any solution?¿

    1. Same problem
      V 1.25

  6. does not compatible with the latest scania RJL modification mod.
    if the modification mod comes higher, then this physics mod would not work, and if this mod comes higher, the game will crash when tuning your scania RJL.

  7. It seems physics.sii works fine without any edit. The problem is with chassis file needed in mod to tweak first axle travel. To solwe it just unlock mod file and delete sii files, then modify mod’s own chassis files in line “residual_travel[]” from 0.08 (or whatewer) to 0.25. Or just put physics.sii in same place in RJL’s file, but maybe it a bit unfair, just like stealing mod, if you care.

  8. The game is running to 1.27.xXxX and this mod is for 1.24 1.25 ?????? Why?

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