UK Improvement Mod


This mod changes textures for signs, and the speed camera in the UK.
The 30mph speed limit sign, now has the correct font. (Side-effect changes any 30kmph sign from Poland to this. This is beyond my control)
The 60mph sign is another ‘National speed limit’ sign.
The Speed camera has yellow/orange on the back like real life.
The road works signs are completely re-done. They are yellow, with the correct font for the speed limits, have ‘Road Works’ written on them, and last, but not least, the ‘end of road works’ sign has the Road Works sign and has ‘End’ written on it.
Hope you enjoy this mod, its vital for anyone who lives here in the UK, or just want more realism!



7 thoughts on “UK Improvement Mod

  1. MinecraftMarioGuy53

    I forgot to put the SCS forums link! It’s here:

  2. Shogoon1984

    Does it works with TSM 5.2 an RusMap 1.3.5?

    1. MinecraftMarioGuy53

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, its just some texture changes. Try it 😉

  3. very good mod! thanks

  4. MinecraftMarioGuy53

    Your very welcome!

  5. Can I use your mod in my future mod “More Realistic” with your agreement? Thank you

  6. FILE DOWN!!!!

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