UK Rebuilding Map v 1.1

uk-rebuilding-2 uk-rebuilding-1

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We are pleased to announce the next version of our map is now ready.
Reworked Manchester
Changed vegatation in Liverpool, Brighouse, Elland and the M62
Changed Silos in brighouse
Bug Fixes
Adapted to Patch 1.26 & Vive La France
246 Studios Facebook Page:

Credits: 246 Studios. Ian Brownbill for the logos


8 thoughts on “UK Rebuilding Map v 1.1

  1. not looks like UK

  2. Hello+!


  3. Nice+work+mate,is+that+flat+still+available+?…=D

    1. 246 Studios

      What flat ?

  4. Not compatable with MHPRO map by the way 🙁

  5. do u need france dlc ?

  6. congratulations, on a first map mod, and heres to many more updates, well done.

  7. Does this work with promods rusmap ?

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