Ultimate ETS2 Speed Mod – 280km/h + Guaranteed


This a mod for the ultimate speed rush a person can get in Euro Truck
Simulator 2.

This mod will work on “All Truck Models”.

After applying the mod in your profile, go to shop and buy my limited
edition engine and gear box which will cost a total of 200 Euro.

This mod will also apply “zero damage” to your truck, so you don’t
have to worry about the huge repair bill after crushing while trying
to reach 300km/h.

Author: onick


35 Responses to Ultimate ETS2 Speed Mod – 280km/h + Guaranteed

  1. Dan Nepi says:

    Unreal, bad.

    • steve silent says:

      yeh just another stupi mod to make the game unrealistic, and pointless

  2. szetland1971 says:

    As head of the mod
    buy yourself a jet or play NFS

    jak w głowie taki mod
    kup sobie odrzutowiec albo graj w NFS

    • Ok smarty what store i can find jeT? Scania volvo etc..
      Or where i could get trucks in nfs.
      Have u ever tought about let others having fun meanwhile u misarable F***S dont have anything else to do than picking on mods u obviously never gonna use!?!


  3. onick says:

    Q: Does anyone know what is the world’s fastest truck?

    Ans: the truck is called \shockwave\. It has 36,000hp and runs at 376MPH or 605km/h. considering that I haven’t even reached half the ability of this \real truck\ yet.

    Also complaining wont help, no refunds! i am keeping all your money! 🙂

  4. Total G says:

    does not work for me, still stuck at 110mph which i think is about 177kmh

  5. onick says:

    Totl G, it sounds like you only purchased the engine and not the custom gear box. please purchase both, then you will reach the full speed.

  6. shankar says:

    there is, sorry about last comment

  7. guido says:

    tell me you ##### you can give to just unreal mods? or since their too stupid?

  8. Total G says:

    yeah you’re probably right onick. i just did what you said initially. sorry

  9. Kriss says:

    Great mode. If you dont like it then dont download.
    Have some minor bugs but great mode.

  10. Kriss says:

    I drive with volvo and something is wrong with air presure. The brakes is loked.

  11. Total G says:

    I now have another problem 😀 my game freezes, but I can still hear sounds and it looks like its just the image frozen. I’ve removed all other mods and it still happens. Tried it without this mod and it doesn’t happen. Something going on :(. Also could you make it so the handling is good because when you get to 130mph its like impossible to corner.

  12. Theeser says:

    Hello guys! This mod isn´t so bad, but i can´t purchase the gearbox-it doesn´t exist!

    How can I get the gearbox to the game?!?

    Thx for ans.

  13. onick says:

    Theeser, you shoould find the gear box in shop, get into shop, click on gear box tab, then look for the gear box on top of the list, it will cost 100 euro.

  14. Total G says:

    freezing was caused by turning my fan down on my gpu 😀 was happening on all my games…

  15. florian says:

    version 1.5.2
    tsm map 4.1.1 ok
    fonctionne impect merci

  16. Ashley Staggs says:

    Hey Onick,

    The mod crashes the game after applying both upgrades and trying to accelerate.

    Please help 🙁

  17. MCwha says:

    any chance to update for 1.12 version – just crashes game – thank you

  18. arunkumar says:

    does not work on ets v1.3.1 it not possible on my game

  19. Megan Raaj says:

    dude its works fine on me in version 1.1.1. Now i gonna try this mod on 1.16.2 . Just now updated my ets2

  20. idk says:

    what do you want to know

  21. ARSLAN says:

    HOW to install mod????ive already downloaded mods butt dont know where to put the def folder plzzzzz help

  22. Khudari says:

    Any chance to see this mod updated for the last version of the game (now ?

  23. IShti says:

    how do i use this mod

  24. Vixx6153 says:

    i already use this mod but my pc get stuck after meter reach 110km/h. please advise wht should i do.

  25. ayoub says:

    i love you

  26. tnash osca8 says:

    where is the patch

  27. Emma says:


  28. Emma says:

    how did you go about 177 km/h, I’m still stuck at 90km/h
    please help

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