Ultimate Physics v2.0


Minor changes in suspension and behaviour of the cab (larger
stiffness) in comparison to the former version.

Attention: Those changes do not influence the behaviour of trailer.

Tested with 1.9.22 game version



6 thoughts on “Ultimate Physics v2.0

  1. NON_steam_PLAYER

    hey…..can i ask you about the password?? …please! …the mod is good!

    1. No need pass, the file format is .Scs
      Move to /Euro…/Mods

      Srry, for my english. Is ####! 😀

    2. adi2003de

      When the mod is good .. for what in the hell do you need the password ??? … sucker !!!

      1. NON_steam_PLAYER

        sucker is you becauuse you grow with your father d*ck!!!

  2. funcionou bem ,bom mod

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