Ultimate Scania Sound (Simplified)


This is a refined and simplified version of my mod “Ultimate Scania
Sound” In this version i removed the turbine spool , turbine dump, and
the airbrake sounds wich sounds a lot cleaner. Hope you like it, have
a nice day. No video, nobody got time for that 😉

You can find the original version here:




4 thoughts on “Ultimate Scania Sound (Simplified)

  1. Argosy2013

    Not bad, but that turbo is way to high mate

  2. Good sound .. but yes,turbo is definetly high and i think adding some more lowish* sounds to it would make it one of the best sound mods out there. Cheers 🙂

  3. How can the turbo be too loud when there is no turbo sound in this version? Did you click download or go to original version?

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