Ultra Powerful Truck T3.1

Ultra Powerful Truck

Name: Ultra Powerful
Price: 30.000
Unlock: 1
HP: 1000
kW: 750
Torque: 8000

1.19 adapted

Warning: If you have problems in the shutter portion of the 2012 model Volvo FH, please select the option to re-select the 750 hp Ultra Powerful engine option. Buy Engine not receiving just change the selection

Author: YiğitE.


4 Responses to Ultra Powerful Truck T3.1

  1. CarbonUndercover says:

    1000HP isn’t 750KW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1KW = 1,36HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. CarbonUndercover says:

    1000HP isn’t 750KW!!!!
    !!!!!!1KW = 1,36HP!!!!!

  3. zfr says:

    Mercedes mp4 does not cause ????????????

  4. dorukhan says:

    dont work!

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