Ultra Powerful Truck v 7.0

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Tested : 1.30x
Added New Scania (R-S)

Name :Ultra Powerful Truck
Price : 50000
Unlock : 2
HP : 2500
kW : 1864
Torque : 8500
RPM Limit : 3000



2 thoughts on “Ultra Powerful Truck v 7.0

  1. Yes,just #### up a truck that comes up with the Italy mod.I don,t know what,s wrong with you guys but these mods don,t match with any truck at all.I suggest to ban these people to never place any ###### add-on at all in the future.Sooooo childish really,I mean 2500 HP really you are a child.I suggest to ban these people from placing any mod at all….soooo like kids behaviour 🙁

    1. I know nonsense but it is being downloaded and used

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