Uncle D ETS2 CB Radio Chatter Mod V.1.2 Update


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The New Uncle D Euro Truck Simulator 2 CB Radio Chatter Mod v1.2 is
This mod has updated with all USA CB Channel 19 chatter only.
Mod Tested in ETS2 v1.9.2 Easy install, copy mp3 file to your ETS2
music folder, not mod folder, start sim, play file from your radio.
Adjust volume to your taste, some people run louder engine mods. As
always thanks for viewing, stay tuned for new stuff from Uncle D
Studios, hope my US drivers feel I got this one pretty real sounding.
Feel free to share long as you give credit.

Uncle D Studios
All Rights Reserved © 2014

Uncle D Studios


7 thoughts on “Uncle D ETS2 CB Radio Chatter Mod V.1.2 Update

  1. DvdTheBusDriver

    Where can I find the Scania on the picture ?

    1. darnellm09

      Do a search for Scania T Longline

      1. DvdTheBusDriver

        Wich version should I get ? so many diffrent ones avaible on the net.

  2. darnellm09

    [Scania Longline T – SKIN – Free As A Bird] I have installed from this site and another one I don’t remember where I got from, best I can tell you is try em one at time till find one or two you like and search other mod sites too

  3. hey man this works for but I can’t hardly hear it.can you make it louder more.i already have the volume on high..

    1. darnellm09

      Sounds like you might have a PC sound setting out of whack BahamutX, make sure your PC volume is turned all the way up 1st, then check that the sim radio volume is also turned up. If you watch any of my preview videos on this mod you’ll hear that my playback sounds loud enough on my PC and my sim volume is only at 50%. Sorry not going to make a louder version. Your cool to edit your own copy, I don’t mind.

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