Unlock Speed limit from 60 to 200 km/h

This mod increase the speed limit from 60 to 200km/h.
It works with the 1.31 and 1.32. Doesn’t work before 1.31
If you share this mod, please use the original download link!
Have fun! ?

Mr simba


10 Responses to Unlock Speed limit from 60 to 200 km/h

  1. faisal khan says:

    hello, please add traffic mod there are very few cars and trucks and buses only, kindly make a mod with more traffic thanks 🙂

  2. Revanth kanamarlapudi says:

    only for special transport or for the rest of the traffic

  3. JoachimK says:

    This Waste seems to be for the Heavy DLC´s…
    To make a s*h*i*t like this, is not real, but senseless…

  4. Thomas-H says:

    Wie recht wie recht Joachim ………
    Den Blödsinn hätt sich der sparen können.

  5. scania_dragon says:

    absolutely nonsense

  6. So you wanna zoom around with a 100t load @ 200 km/h.
    Sure, why not. As real as it get’s, ay?

    Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with folks…

    • Florin says:

      I totally agree. This game just ISN’T made for them and they fail to understand this.

  7. papaghostPT says:

    my dream come true now i can drive my special transport with 100tons at 200 km/h i dont understand why SCS Did not do that,You have to be a genius for this OMG this kids

  8. Swedish_Legend says:

    Are we here in the Race Truck Simulator? you really mean that, right?
    from 60 to 200 Km/h: D why do you do that? really REALISTIC are from 60 to 80 km/h on the highway but NOT 200 …

  9. Ash says:

    Where I paste the mod file please someone help me

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