Unlocked Hi-Way


Author: Djebbar Fares

Version v1.4.1


9 thoughts on “Unlocked Hi-Way

  1. what means unlocked hi-Way please more cmment for that

  2. Fares djebbar

    It mean: you can buy all parts in level 0

  3. to buy all hi-way addonsz @ 1st level

  4. Is there a speciail dealer who sells the iveco hi-way, i have found one iveco and they doesent sell that model?

  5. bought in frankfurt
    with no mod in my mod directory
    that´s´s the way I think

  6. The Hi-way ist the badest Truck in ETS2!!!

    1. and you´re by my hero !

      best comment that I can read

  7. the newest update is bad but new truck iveco hi-way not bad to me

  8. 1.4 ün key ini verir misiniz lütfen arkadaşlar

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